Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 433

Chapter 433: Li Moying Disappeared
Chapter 433: Li Moying disappeared
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Even if Li Moying had awoke, he should not be able to walk. Even if he could walk a few steps, to be able to leave this tent was extremely difficult.

Yet now, there was no sight of him anywhere within the areas visible to the tent outside..

How would he have the ability to drag his seriously injured body alone and travel a great distance in such a short amount of time?

Even if he could walk, what reason did he have to leave the safety zone in the middle of the night, risking his life to enter the dark and dangerous gathering place for the Magical Beasts?

Furthermore, it was impossible for him to throw her aside and leave alone?

In this case, the question went back to square one.

If Li Moying didn't leave by himself, then who was it who brought him away?

She had witnessed with her own eyes that all the team members of the Werewolf Mercenaries were at the campsite!

Huang Yueli frowned and thought for a long time but she still had no clues.

But she knew one thing and that was she could not continue staying here. She needed to search for Li Moying.

That man was suffering from such a serious injury and yet he left in the middle of the night. No matter if he was taken away or left by himself, it was an exceptionally dangerous matter!

For all you know, he could be in a life-threatening situation now!

The more Huang Yueli thought, the more worried she got. She couldn't hold it any further and ran outside in a split second.

The array that the Werewolf Mercenaries had set up naturally was not able to stop her. She re-positioned herself several times and easily left the array boundary.

She surveyed the surroundings but could not find Li Moying and her shock and worries increased.

No matter how she looked, there were no clues at all. Nor was she able to find out which direction Li Moying had took.

Her brows creased and she brought out the sleepy Little Phoenix from the Sky Phoenix Ring.

"Wang Cai, wake up!"

Little Phoenix was sleeping when he dazedly heard someone calling for him and impatiently mumbled complaints.

"What's up with the calling? Don't you know this lord is still sleeping? Whoever dares to wake me up, this lord will use the True Phoenix Fire to roast you!"

"Sleep and sleep, you only spend your day sleeping or eating. What good life you have!" Huang Yueli anxiously used her hand to pinch Little Phoenix's nose, forcing him to wake up, "Quick, it's urgent! Wake up and start working, you can continue to sleep later!"

Little Phoenix's breathing was blocked by her pinching so he unwillingly opened his eyes.

He held a mouth of True Phoenix Fire by the side of his mouth but when he saw Huang Yueli, he forced himself to swallow it back.

"Female Devil, you pervert, how dare you steal glances at a sleeping, handsome man like me!"

"What kind of man are you? Stinky kid! Don't sprout nonsense. Help me take a look, where did Li Moying go to?"

"What? That scary man disappeared?" Little Phoenix stared wide-eyed.

Huang Yueli nodded, "That's right..."

"Oh yeah! That's great! Finally got rid of him! When he was here, I don't even dare to come out and play. He's just too terrifying!", Little Phoenix happily went round in a circle and excitedly said, "Female Devil, don't bother to search for him. It's good that he left! Otherwise he keeps biting your mouth, he must be torturing you!"

Huang Yueli heard this and her corners of her lips twitched.

She wondered what special bloodline Li Moying had, Little Phoenix was always oppressed by him naturally. Little Phoenix was especially stressed whenever he was around, so he didn't like him at all.