Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 436

Chapter 436: The Devil From Hell
Chapter 436: The devil from hell
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It really was Li Moying!

But the Li Moying was very different from his usual charming disposition. From head to tail, he bore a sinister and horrifying expression!

His good-looking face was stained with blood from god-knows-which Magical Beast. That contrast of the blood red stain against his jade-white skin was especially eye-catching.

Red veins covered the white part of his eyes, his cold and distant line of sight kept staring straight and the sides of his lips curled a sinister smile. The Amethyst Light Sword was already soaked in blood, dripping from the tip of the sword.

Just his looks alone was enough to send the chills down anyone's spine.

Even Huang Yueli could not help but shiver.

That was actually Li Moying!

How could it be? How was this possible?

Wasn't he seriously injured? Wasn't he unconscious and immobile? Why did he look as though he was never injured and the power he showed was several times stronger than his normal self!

And the look in his eyes. It was as if he was the real demon from hell, totally emotionless...

Just at this moment, he turned his head slightly and casted a glance towards her direction.

Huang Yueli hurriedly retracted herself behind the tree. This man. Had he found out that she was spying on him?

She prayed that her whereabouts would not be discovered, and simultaneously she recalled that glance, strong, cruel, unfeeling. It was just too scary!

Luckily, Li Moying did not seem to notice her or perhaps he thought it was not worth to struggle with a weak housefly like her so he retracted back the glance and continued to depart.

Huang Yueli heaved a sigh of relief and wiped off the sweat that covered her forehead.

She was really shocked by Li Moying at that moment, thinking that he may really kill her!

She had never seen the cold glint in his plum blossom eyes before. Usually when he looked at her, his eyes always contained a gentle expression..

Huang Yueli took a few deep breaths and forced herself to calm down.

"What exactly happened? How did Li Moying turn into this state? I had just left the tent for an hour, what could have happened within such a short period of time?"

She was still puzzled after much thought but based on intuition, Li Moying's condition was abnormal. In fact, it should be extremely dangerous!

"No, I can't leave him alone just because I'm afraid! There must be something wrong with Li Moying!"

Huang Yueli gritted her teeth and decided to continue following Li Moying.

Even though the current Li Moying might turn around anytime and stab her, but to leave him alone, she couldn't do it!

The only thing she could do was to be very careful.

Once Huang Yueli had made up her mind, she secretly prodded out her head.

Without looking back, Li Moying had already left the dense forest. She could only watch him gradually getting further and further awayas well as the dead corpses of the Great Spiritual Horn Rhino.

Huang Yueli tiptoed as she walked out.

The air reeked of a blood stench and along with the mutilated corpses, it was enough to made anyone throw up.

She jogged in small, quick steps to chase up to Li Moying as his silhouette was quickly leaving her vision.

But she could not afford to follow too close as she was afraid he would find out her whereabouts. So after a bit of distance, she would hide behind a tree.

However this method caused the distance between them to gradually became larger and she almost lost him.