Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 438

Chapter 438: Simply Looking For Death
Chapter 438: Simply looking for death
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If the interspatial ring was lost, that would be equivalent to using a wicker basket to draw water, a total waste of effort.

"Quickly try to recall, where did you place the interspatial ring?"

"How could you lose the interspatial ring?"

Bearded captain searched himself all over, and every corner of his own tent but ended up empty-handed.

He totally had no impression of handing over his interspatial ring when he was controlled by Huang Yueli's Piercing Sky Eye technique.

"Did you intentionally hide the interspatial ring?"

This entire matter was so absurd that some of them started to suspect that the bearded captain was embezzling the fortunes.

"How can that be? Am I that sort of person?", Bearded captain furiously defended himself, "It's not the first time you are doing work under me! We have took up businesses larger than this before, since when have I ever short-changed you?"

"That's true. But, where did the interspatial ring go to?"

Everyone gathered their thoughts together and suddenly someone voiced out a possibility.

"Do you think that Captain's interspatial ring's disappearance has anything to do that those two fat lambs?"

"What do you mean? Are you trying to say that they stole the Captain's ring, and ran away throughout the night?"

When everyone heard these, they looked at everyone in dismay but very quickly, someone in the group started to laugh.

"Aren't you guys thinking too much! That's really funny! Earlier that pair of student siblings, one is Qi Profound Realm Nine Level, the other is Defensive Profound Realm Seven Level. Their strengths are super low, tell me, how could they possibly steal anything from our Captain? Even if they did, would they dare to leave the campsite in the middle of the night? Where are they preparing to escape to?"

"If they are dumb enough to escape into the forest at this kind of timing, then they're simply looking for death! We can assume that they have already become some Magical Beasts' meal. In my opinion, it's the Captain who is muddled and forgot where he dropped his interspatial ring. When day breaks, let's search for it again. We should be able to find it by then.."

Saying till then, a loud "Boom" echoed, causing the entire ground to vibrate vigorously.

"What's happening?"

"There's something happening. in the direction of the forest!"

The mercenaries' all had shock written all over their faces.

All of them were experienced and had been in and out of the Dark Moon Forest for quite some time so naturally they understood that if there was such a huge commotion in the forest in the middle of the night, it referred to a bad premonition.

"Look! It's the Great Spiritual Horn Rhino!", someone pointed to a direction not far away, "There's so many of them!"

"No good, are these Great Spiritual Horn Rhino trying to attack our campsite? Everyone, prepare to defend!"

Bearded Captain gave a solemn expression and urgently conveyed his order.

The mercenaries had tacit understanding and they all knew how dangerous it was to have such a large-scale of restless Magical Beasts so they quickly got into their positions and set up their defence formation, prepared their bunkers and several weapons.


A few hundred Great Spiritual Horn Rhinos stamping on the ground caused the tremors of the ground to become stronger.

Just as the tensed mercenaries embattled themselves, not only did these Great Spiritual Horn Rhinos routed away from their campsite, avoid a direct confrontation, they were desperately running further away.

This attitude was as if something horrifying was chasing them from behind.

And for their own safety, they didn't have any time to lose on other stuff. Such a huge campsite was completely ignored by them.