Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 439

Chapter 439: Damn It Scared Me To Death
Chapter 439: Damn it, scared me to death
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"Wha What situation is this? What happened in the forest?"

Fatty felt that the situation was extremely unusual and both his legs started to tremble like jelly.

The others looked towards the dense forest, with startled emotions.

At the position where the last Great Spiritual Horn Rhino had disappeared, a tall dark figure slowly emerged.

His movements were slow and even a little unstable, in his hand was a longsword, slowly showing his appearance from the darkness.

The mercenaries acted as they were about to fight the final boss and they were sweating profusely. Trembling with fear and trepidation behind the bunkers, they felt as if their breathing would stop anytime.

Earlier when the hundreds of Great Rhinos were madly charging towards them, it had already made most of them tremble with fear. What appeared now was the character which made the scared Great Rhinos escape for their safety desperately!

This was much stronger and horrifying!

No matter if the person was a human or a demon, with this type of strength, it was enough to send their entire Werewolf Mercenaries to death!

Very soon, as that figure was nearing, his appearance was presented to the entire group.

"It's that pretty boy from yesterday.."

"Damn it, scared me to death. I thought who was it. So the pretty boy had awoken and ran into the forest. Were they trying to escape?"

"That's probably the case! He must have brought his junior to escape with him and the outcome was to run into the Great Spiritual Horn Rhino stampede and subsequently ran here!"

Some of their analysis were so convincing that everyone started to nod in agreement.

The rest naturally thought so and when they linked the cause and effects, it affirmed that their guess was right.

Looks like this senior was slightly more intelligent than his junior, and had more experiences. He knew that these mercenaries were up to no good by offering them to stay on, so when he awoke, he escaped together with his junior.

Unfortunately he didn't considered the fact that they were in the inner zone. With his little strength, he did not have enough power against the fifth tier magical beasts. And the unluckiest was they had to meet with the stampede of the Great Spiritual Horn Rhinos!

Even though they had wasted much effort to escape, they had no choice but to crestfallenly leave the forest and beg the Werewolf Mercenaries to offer shelter to them!

A sinister smile appeared on the Bearded Captain's face.

"This boy, doesn't know his own place. We offered to shelter them but instead of showing gratitude, he escaped!"

"Exactly! They didn't even think that they still owe us silver! This round, the charges will be much higher. I must let that lass kneel down and serve me, and warm up my bed on her own accord!" Fatty gave a wretched smile.

"Right, this pretty boy. We must make him kneel and lick our shoes!"

"This idea is good.. ha ha ha ha ha!"

The mercenaries all started laughing, their tensed feelings were starting to loosen up.

This fellow from the second degree realm just showed up like that. It seemed to them that no matter what the scary thing was, it would not appear anymore, so naturally they all started to feel safe.

Now, the two fat lambs that had escaped had returned by themselves, so they took this opportunity to get some entertainment out of them.

This was the beginning of a happy plot shift.

At this moment, Li Moying's figure had gotten closer and he was just outside the defensive array of campsite.

Bearded Captain laughingly told the Array Master, "Quick, release the array and let him in!"