Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 442

Chapter 442: Ruthless Killing Methods
Chapter 442: Ruthless killing methods
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In between his exquisite fingers, he held a piece of bloody object that was the tall and lean soldier's heart!

As Li Moying shifted his hand, the tall and lean soldier's body slowly fell backwards.

Following that was a loud bang. His entire body had crushed onto the ground and the whites of his eyeballs had flipped, he died on the spot.

Li Moying crushed his heart and threw it onto the grass like a piece of rubbish.

His hand was stained with blood and it started dripping along his slender fingers onto the grassland.

Li Moying lifted his eyes, that extremely beautiful face was instantly filled with a demonic expression and he looked extremely evil. The corners of his lips curled up coldly but that smile had no warmth at all. It resembled more like a grim reaper from hell, making everyone nervous.



All of the soldiers slowly took a deep breath and each of their faces alternated between green and white with horror.

"How how could this be.. lean guy actually. actually.."

"It''s too terrifying.."

Even though all of these soldiers had been through plenty of situations, the scene that they just encountered made most of them feel weak in the knees, almost close to falling onto the ground with fear.

They'd all seen someone being killed, but never seen such ruthless killing methods. With a blink of the eye, lean soldier's heart. was dug out!

Just this alone was enough to make anyone shiver with fear.

Thinking back, lean guy was number two in terms of strength. Yet he was defenceless against pretty boy's surprise attack, and lost his life just like that.

Would there be anyone in their group be able to escape from Li Moying's clutches?

"Ca.Captain.wh.what should we do?", Fatty turned his head to look at Bearded Captain.

Bearded Captain felt wetness below and realised that he had wet his pant in fear!

"Th..Thi..This..", his teeth kept trembling as he spoke, "h..hohow.could this be? Isn't the second stage?"

That's right, wasn't he only in the second stage? How could he be so terrifying?

Everyone had the same question but no one knew the answer!

Instead they were unable to sense which level of cultivation, the Li Moying who was standing in front of them, he was at.

He stood there silently, giving out overwhelming pressure that could cause one to suffocate, making these sixth ranked cultivators feel like prostrating!

The feeling was like. The legendary experts at the ninth realm!

Li Moying coldly glanced at each of them and fatty happened to steal glances, unfortunately exchanging looks at each other!

Fatty's mind sounded a warning and sensed a foreboding!

But it was too late!

The next moment, fatty heard a chill around his chest!

Following that, he was his last moments in life a handsome demon dressed entirely in black stood beside him, his left hand was inserted into his chest..


Fatty's heavy body crashed onto the ground.

The strange silence was broken by this loud noise.

Bearded captain's anxiety had reached the peak and as he suddenly shouted out in anger, his mind went blank. Subconsciously he held up his broadsword and loudly commanded, "Brobrothers, wewe cannot be sitting ducks. Everyone, grab your weapons and let's let's fight it out with him!"