Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 445

Chapter 445: Finally Met Mo Yi
Chapter 445: Finally met Mo Yi
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If he continued on his killing spree, sooner or later, he would be killed the magical beasts in the restricted zone!

Moreover, the biggest possibility was his old injuries acted up or he had used up all his Profound Energy and collapsed in the middle of the journey.

But Huang Yueli couldn't conjure up any ideas.

Just at this moment, flames were seen floating from the downhill and from a distance, it looked as if there were people climbing uphill while holding on to fire torches.

There were actually people coming uphill at this kind of timing! Wasn't it akin to sending a lamb to the tiger's den, to have died in vain?

Huang Yueli immediately stood up thinking of how to stop this group of people from proceeding further.

The Werewolf Mercenaries schemed against them so although they were killed by Li Moying, they deserved it. Huang Yueli didn't sympathise them at all.

But this current group were innocent passer-bys. If they were to die under the blade of Li Moying, it would be a loss of virtues.

As she ran closer, she blinked hard before letting out a joyful expression.

"Big Brothers Mo and Junior Brother Luo! It's.. It's you!"

The five people who had appeared on the mountain bypath were Mo Yi, Mo Er, Mo San, Luo Jiyun and Murong Ni.

Upon seeing Huang Yueli, Mo Yi's face didn't show any signs of joy. Instead his face was filled with weight as he continued, "Third Miss, we are sorry. We were attacked by magical beasts on our way here and even though we had speed up our steps, we were.. still a step too late. We deserve to die! Master. how is he now?"

"He. His. current situation is not good.."

Huang Yueli's face sunk as well, not knowing where to start her explanation from.

From her expression, Mo Yi knew that something major had happened and he felt extremely guilty.

"Had Master's illness. flared up? It's all my fault for arriving late causing this to happen I really..even a thousand deaths will not be enough.."

Huang Yueli was even more confused, "I don't understand. Li Moying had become like this because.of an illness? What had happened to him?"

Mo Yi replied, "Please allow me to explain later. The most important thing now is to appease Master and forcibly oppress his illness! May I ask Third Miss, what is the current situation of Master now? .. and where is he?"

Huang Yueli gritted her teeth, feeling restless.

"This after Li Moying descended downhill to save me, he suffered heavy injuries after being ambushed by the magical beast and was unconscious for several days.."

"What! Senior was seriously injured?" Luo Jiyun cried out in shock, his face filled with anxiety.

"Master was hurt? Oh no things are not looking good he's injured and if that illness acts up.." Mo Yi's expression worsened by the minute.

Murong Ni couldn't hold back and started screaming, "Senior Brother is heavily injured! And injured on a full moon's night! Oh heavens it's all because he tried to save you, the vixen! If anything happens to Senior Brother, killed you ten thousand times won't even be enough to pay!"

For saving her?

If it wasn't for the fact that Murong Ni was stupid and caused her to fall down the cliff, why would Li Moying have to come and save her?

In essence, wasn't this entire matter caused by Murong Ni? This unruly girl dared to shift the blame on others?

Huang Yueli stared coldly at Murong Ni, as she controlled her emotions within.

No matter how much she wanted to deal with Murong Ni, she knew that now was not the right time. The most important thing was to coordinate with Mo Yi and pacify Li Moying to stop him from his killing spree!

As for the other matters, it could all wait.