Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 446

Chapter 446: Pinnacle Of Ninth Stage
Chapter 446: Pinnacle of Ninth stage
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Luo Jiyun cut into Murong Ni's conversation.

"Shut your mouth! All these matters are caused by you. It'd bad enough that you didn't reflect on yourself, at this moment you're still making a big fuss. If something happens to Senior Brother, you should be the one who is responsible!"

Huang Yueli smirked coldly and said, "Alright, it's not the time to point fingers! Li Moying disappeared in the middle of the night and by the time I found him, I noticed that his power had turned incredibly scary as if he had lost his state of mind. He started waving his sword to kill every living thing!"

"Did you see these corpses on the ground? All of them were killed by Li Moying, and they were all sixth ranked experts. Within half the time of burning an incense, with just one move per person. he finished all of them!"

Mo Yi's brows were knitted tighter now, "This is normal. Whenever Master's illness acts up, his power will reach the pinnacle of the ninth stage and his temperament becomes blood-thirsty! No one can stop him! Where is he now?"

This was considered normal? What kind of illness was this?

Huang Yueli held back her questions and replied, "He had already entered the sixth tier magical beasts gathering zone.."

They casted glances at one another and each could see the worries from their eyes.

Mo Yi said, "Let's head over and check out the situation."

Everyone followed Mo Yi and headed towards the direction that Huang Yueli pointed.

To such a group like them, it was extremely dangerous to enter the sixth tier magical beasts gathering point in the middle of the night. The possibility of them being ambushed and killed by high level magical beasts was very likely.

But at this point of time, they were not afraid of the attack from the magical beasts, but more worried of being attacked by a human.

Because. the surrounding magical beasts were all massacred by Li Moying. The dead corpses laid on the ground, everywhere in a mess.

And in the forest not far away reverberated sounds from slaughtering noises and magical beasts howling. It was obvious that the battle was still ongoing.

Murong Ni looked at the mercenaries' corpses, their hearts dug out, and the magical beasts which were dissected into halves. Her teeth could not stop chattering in fear.

"Fif.fifth brother, every time bibi big senior brother's illness acts up, is.. is it always like this?"

Lup Jiyun had a sombre expression on his face, "I had only seen Senior Brother act up once. Even Master was almost stabbed by him. It was only when our Sect's Senior Masters joining hands together that they managed to subdue him. At that time, all of us juniors were protected and there were not many magical beasts which he could slaughter, so. the scene was not as terrifying as this."

"Re.Really?" Murong Ni's face turned pale.

Huang Yueli subconsciously slowed down her movements, thinking of ways to converse with Luo Jiyun.

At this moment, Mo Yi who was leading the way suddenly stopped and made a No Talking gesture.

"Master is in front, don't make any noise, if he hears it.."

Mo Yi didn't continue but everyone had seen with their own eyes, the scattered parts of the corpses. They knew that Li Moying was no longer clear-minded and if he had discovered them, their deaths were going to be unsightly.

They hid within the forest and followed Li Moying with a fair distance, watching him kill sixth tier magical beasts as though he was chopping up vegetables, not knowing what was called tiredness.

Not much longer, Li Moying had killed all the surrounding magical beasts and continued to venture deeper into the forest.