Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 447

Chapter 447: Illness Of Soul Detachment
Chapter 447: Illness of Soul Detachment
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When he had walked further away, Huang Yueli lowered her voice and asked, "Brother Mo Yi, what happened to Li Moying? And. what should we do now?"

Mo Yi creased his brows but didn't reply her question.

It was Luo Jiyun who spoke out, "Brother Mo Yi, you shouldn't hide this sort of thing from Sister-in-law! Since the situation is already like this and sister-in-law isn't any outsider, just tell her the situation. Perhaps she can contribute some ideas to solve this!"

Mo Yi gritted his teeth, "Since Young Master Luo has spoken. Then I have no choice but to tell you the truth."

Huang Yueli solemnly nodded and waited for Mo Yi's explanation.

Mo Yi reported, "This illness of master's will act up once a month. During the night of every full moon, he will lose his senses and become bloodthirsty. Even towards people he know, anyone who dared to block his way will be killed mercilessly! The most freaky thing is his power will instantly maximise, sometimes even reaching the pinnacle of ninth degree realm, so there's no one who can contend against him!"

"That's why it will become a disaster every full moon! Once Master's illness acts up, no one can stop him on his killing spree! I mentioned previously that Master is rushing for time, is because he must return to the Sect before the night of the full moon. The reason is simple. When we return to the Sect, we will have our ways to oppress his illness."

Huang Yueli already had some premonition but she was still caught off guard after hearing what Mo Yi said.

"So it's a kind of illness? Why do I feel that the symptoms are the same as Qi Deviation? But even if he suffered from Qi Deviation, it shouldn't act up only on a full moon's night.. How did this illness come about?"

Mo Yi replied, "Master's illness shouldn't be innate since it wasn't recorded when he was an infant. When he was six years old, there was one time when he almost died under the hands of Li Mojun. Fortunately, Master's Master happened to passed by South Yue Kingdom and saved him. After that he took him in as his disciple but ever since then, he had no idea why this illness just appeared.."

Luo Jiyun added, "I've heard of Master talking about this too. Everytime Senior Brother acts up, it would become a disaster! Disciples from other Sects who fell into his hands were not spared! If it wasn't for the fact that Senior Brother's cultivation level was simply godly and the Senior Masters couldn't bear to deal with him, Senior Brother might have been executed according to Sect regulations."

Hearing these only made Huang Yueli have more doubts.

She was considered knowledgeable in her previous life. Although she wasn't a doctor, but she would have heard some news about any strange illnesses.

But this situation that Li Moying was in was something unheard of.

She knew another illness which acted up once a month and every time the symptoms appeared, it would cause the person to lose consciousness.

The most well-known illness would be the Illness of Soul Detachment.

Rumor had it that those who had this illness was because their spirit was too weak. As a result, their souls will be attracted to the moonlight during full moon nights, causing the spirit to be detached from the physical body.

So when they became delirious, they would do many incredible things and totally have no memories of the events whatsoever!

But this soul detachment illness would only cause the patient to be delirious. At most he would run on the streets naked.

It would never make a normal person change his temperament and became bloodthirsty. It would also not make a six ranked cultivator explode with ninth ranked cultivator's power!

What type of joke was this? She had never heard of such a rare matter!