Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 449

Chapter 449: Will He Continue On His Killing Spree?
Chapter 449: Will he continue on his killing spree?
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Of course, there was something worse that could happen.

That was, since Li Moying's symptoms had already flared up and based on his current condition, whoever was an obstacle to him would be dealt with, so no one could go near him!

No matter how effective the pills were, what use would it have if he refuse to swallow it?

Whoever delivering the pills would probably become a dead duck once, even before they got within ten meters of distance!

At this moment, Huang Yueli thought of another serious question.

"Now that his symptoms have already acted up, how long will it last? Will he continue on his killing spree?"

Mo Yi answered, "If we chose to ignore him, Master will definitely go on his killing spree all the way till day breaks..But using the ninth degree realm's peak cultivation to keep slaughtering is using up Master's own Profound Energy. The longer he kills, the more energy he wastes! Before Divine Doctor Liu's prescription, Master was often bed-ridden for at least half a month after every time he acts up. But this round, he was already seriously injured.."

Mo Yi's face was filled with sorrow and couldn't bear to continue talking.

When Li Moying was in perfect health, he already couldn't cope with the pressure and huge consumption of Profound Energy used up based on the ninth degree realm's peak cultivation. What more about his condition now that he was seriously injured.

Don't think he always looked shrewd, indestructible and awe-inspiring. In actual fact he was using his life to pay for the price!

If this continued, perhaps he might use up all his energy and there was a high possibility of sudden death.

Even if he survived, he might lose half of his life. His future cultivation and longevity would be affected seriously.

When she thought of this, Huang Yueli's expression became worsen and her heart was extremely flustered, fretfully walking around the forest.

Li Moying repeatedly saved her life!

The reason for his illness to act up was also to save her, hence the delay in time!

No matter what, it was not possible to be free from the blame. If Li Moying died or he was unable to recover to his normal self, she would never be able to forgive herself!

She didn't know why that whenever she thought of Li Moying dying she would feel very scared and an weird feeling would tighten her heart, making it hard for her to even breath..

Only heaven would know how long she had this sort of feeling of fear..

She bit her lips and raised her head to look at Mo Yi.

"According to what you are saying, there is no hope for Li Moying? We can only sit here and wait for his symptoms to end, then let god decide if he is lucky enough to live?"

"No, No if there were other ways, I would not want to think in this way as well but..", Mo Yi frowned.

Luo Jiyun was also a bundle of sorrows, "Yes, now that it has come to this, nothing we do will help! If I had known such an accident would happen, sigh, I will risk my life to stop Senior Brother from entering the Dark Moon Forest!"

Huang Yueli swept a glance at them and said, "No matter what, I cannot just sit here and see him suffer alone. It's just not possible!"

"But, sister-in-law, do you have any ideas? What do you intend to do?" Luo Jiyun asked.

Huang Yueli didn't answer and just turned to look at Mo Yi.

"You mentioned that. Liu Buyan's pills, are those with you now?"

"Of course it is, but.." a stunned Mo Yi replied. Looking at Huang Yueli's calm expression, he suddenly broke out of a daze, "Third Miss, are you thinking of letting Master swallow the pills now?"