Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 451

Chapter 451: Ive Already Said That Youre A Vixen
Chapter 451: I've already said that youre a vixen!
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They were genuinely worried about Huang Yueli risking her life.

No matter what, the efforts that Li Moying had put in to protect Huang Yueli was witnessed by everyone, and they knew deep down in their hearts how important she was to him.

If Huang Yueli were to deliver the medication to him now, in his current state, if he were to injure. or even killed her by accident, when he regains his consciousness....

No one could bear to think about the scenario.

How were they to answer to Li Moying afterwards?

That was why, Mo Yi and Luo Jiyun looked at each other and blocked themselves in front of Huang Yueli to prevent her from proceeding further.

Huang Yueli furrowed her eyebrows and said, "What do you have in mind? Don't you care about. Li Moying's life anymore?"

Mo Yi replied, "Third Miss, what you say is reasonable but I cannot let you risk your life. Please wait for my news here, I will deliver the medication to Master personally!"

Huang Yueli coldly huffed, "You will deliver the medication? Who do you think you are? Your cultivation is only at fifth degree realm nine level, do you think you have any chance against Li Moying? Have you around the campsite and seen those corpses? Those soldiers were all sixth degree realm practitioners and their hearts were dug out just from one move!"

Mo Yi was rendered speechless.

Obviously he knew it would be dangerous but for Master's safety, he could only risk it all!

At the end of the day, Third Miss actually knew the danger of delivering the medication? She knew that fifth degree realm nine level was not enough to match even a single blow from his Master?

Since that was the case, where on earth did she get the confidence to believe that a first degree realm newbie like her would be able to go near Li Moying?

Huang Yueli saw Mo Yi in a daze so she couldn't wait any further and stretched out her hand again, "Stop being naggy! Give me the medication quickly, your Master cannot afford to wait any longer! Before his symptoms acted up, he took the Red Scorpion Blood Transfusion Pills and subsequently was unconsciousness for a period of time! Now he's conducting such a large-scale massacre the longer the time passes, I'm worried the more danger he will be in!"

"What? Master swallowed the Red Scorpion Blood Transfusion Pills?" Mo Yi turned pale from shock.

Luo Jiyun was extremely shocked as well, "Senior.Senior Brother took.. Doesn't he want to live already?"

Huang Yueli lowered her eyes and spoke reproachingly.

"It was all because he descended the cliff to save me. This morning when he woke up, he wanted to meet up with all of you urgently if only my cultivation was higher.."

If she was at the same level as her previous life, she would definitely be able to send him safely to Mo Yi..

After this incident has settled down, she vowed that she must use the fastest speed possible to cultivate and return back to the peak!

At this moment, Murong Ni who had kept silent all the while suddenly gave a cold snigger.

"That's right, it's all because of you! Hmpf, I already said that you're a fox vixen and sooner or later will cause Senior Brother to die! If it wasn't for the fact that your cultivation was so low, why would Senior Brother need to take the Red Scorpion Blood Transfusion Pills! I say, Brother Mo Yi, just give her the medication! This is what she should do, even if she is hacked to death, she deserves it!"

As Murong Ni said these words in a peculiar manner, her heart was filled with anxiety and jealousy.

On one hand, she was seriously worried about her Senior Brother for this life crisis because the admiration she had for Li Moying was real.

On the other hand, she was filled with both jealousy and hatred towards Huang Yueli.

Li Moying could give up his life for her! And when this vixen fell off the cliff, Senior Brother used a severe tone to reproach her!