Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 457

Chapter 457 The Cause Of Death Was Due To.

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Huang Yueli’s consciousness slowly became blurry from the kiss. This bloodlust kiss caused
her heart to go into a frenzy and she devoted herself into it as well.

The kiss was so intense that she lost her strength to hold on to the bottle.

Seven different coloured pills slipped from her fingers and rolled into the grass in all directions. Some pills rolled further and further away until its whereabouts were lost.

However, no one paid any attention to those pills.

As the kiss deepened as time went by, Huang Yueli felt that the pain on her lips and tongue had become numb to the extent that she couldn’t feel anymore discomfort.

At this point of time, her breathing was become erratic and slowly felt stuffed causing her entire face to turn red, to the point of being suffocated!

She pushed Li Moying away, this time not to avoid his kiss but purely to retain her life!

Her hope was not to be reborn and hadn’t had the chance to exact revenge before she died. What’s more, the cause of death in this lifetime was due to. A kiss??

Although she tried her very best to struggle, Li Moying refused to budge so she had no choice.

As for those who were hiding in the woods nearby, they were completely stupefied.

No one could ever imagine that Li Moying ultimately made a move at Huang Yueli!

But the style that the move was made was outrageous and completely beyond anyone’s imagination!

He.. He.. He actually held tight of Huang Yueli and started to forcefully kiss her?

Everyone started to regain their senses after some time and their faces all reflected sluggish expressions.

“Did I see wrongly, Senior Brother actually.. actually. forced his kiss on Sister-in-law?”

“Your eyes didn’t fail you, I saw it too.. Master actually didn’t strike Third Miss! When he pulled her over, I thought… it’s the end for Third Miss!”

“I thought he would strangle Sister-in-law! In the end. Do they need to be so intimate at this place? These lovey dovey acts are making us shy!”

“Young Master Luo, don’t talk blindly, what lovey dovey! Can’t you see that Third Miss is going to be suffocated by Master? What should we do now? Rescue her?”

“Are you joking, how do we rescue her? Rush up and pull them apart? Do you think Senior Brother will let us off?”


Mo Yi and Luo Jiyun exchanged glances and let out a tremble.

Although Huang Yueli was safe and sound, deep down in their hearts, they knew if the person who appeared in front of Li Moying was themselves, the result would only be a ten percent chance of survival!

“What can we do now, Brother Mo Yi?” Luo Jiyun asked as he frowned.

Mo Yi lifted his head and heaved a sigh of relief.

“Not to worry, haven’t you noticed? Ever since Master and Third Miss…did that, his grandeur had gradually vanished..”

“That’s right..”

Luo Jiyun suddenly saw the light and felt the oppressing feeling they felt earlier had weakened by quite a bit..

“So, sister-in-law is indeed useful.. Now I finally understand, she is truly Senior Brother’s fated one! Senior Brother couldn’t bear to hurt her and hugged her tightly. Just this alone was enough to oppress his illness? She’s more useful than Physician Liu’s medication..”