Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 459

Chapter 459 More Important Than My Life

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Mo Er and Mo San took on the responsibility to clean up the campsite, throwing the soldiers’ corpses into the dense forest.

Huang Yueli knelt down beside Li Moying, watching Mo Yi and the rest surrounding him, taking turns to impart their Profound energy through his dantian and various meridians in an attempt to control his internal injury.

She couldn’t bear to leave Li Moying but..

Huang Yueli saw the embittered expression on Murong Ni and resignedly stood up and stepped outside to set up the array formation around the campsite.

Today’s campsite was heavily filled with stenches of blood. If the array formation was not properly set up, it might easily attract high level magical beasts from afar. What’s more, Li Moying really shouldn’t be disturbed tonight any further.

The array formation setup was especially critical, especially when Huang Yueli could not trust Murong Ni’s level of array formation.

By the time Huang Yueli had settled the surrounding dangers, she returned to the largest tent in the centre of the campsite.

Li Moying was lying in the centre of a huge beast skin, his face was pale without any traces of blood, his glabella showed faint traces of darkness and his lips, although not pale, were presenting an unnatural purplish colour.

His brows were tightly knitted together and his body kept twitching, as if he was suffering some unspeakable pain in his unconsciousness.

Huang Yueli touched his forehead and realised that his body was terribly cold. If it wasn’t for the fact that he was still breathing, one might have though he was dead.

The others were seated surrounding Li Moying showing sorrowful expressions and discussing softly.

Huang Yueli turned to ask Mo Yi, “Brother Mo Yi, Li Moying. How is his condition now? Why did his body turn so cold? And that expression it looks like. Had he used up all his life source this round.. it’s all because of me, I got him into this situation, all because he tried to save me…”

Her emotions deepened and she couldn’t speak any further.

Upon seeing this, Mo Yi hurriedly said, “Third Miss, please don’t say that! You saved Master! Whenever Master acts up, we must wait till 5am the next day before he becomes normal but it’s only 2am and he has already quietened down. The credit goes to you Third Miss..”

When Mo Yi said this words, there was more hints of respect than usual.

In the past, he would show Huang Yueli respect because of Li Moying. In actual fact, he wasn’t pleased with her power but he didn’t dare to defy Li Moying’s orders.

But after what had happened today, he completely understood.

The place that Huang Yueli had in his Master’s heart was not something that a simple sentence like “more important that my life” could describe!

When Li Moying’s illness acted up, he could control himself and not hurt Huang Yueli at all!

What was more shocking was Huang Yueli had just got close to him and that move just miraculously oppressed the enraged Li Moying??

If he had not seen this with his own eyes, Mo Yi would never had believe it even if it cost him his life!

But now…

Mo Yi started to understand that the Mistress of the house could be no one else except this Third Miss who was standing in front of him.

Therefore his attitude towards Huang Yueli become more revered.

The reason was because he needed to put Huang Yueli on equal standing as Li Moying, to use the same respect he gave to his Master, to her as well.

Huang Yueli shook her head and said, “I don’t know what happened as well. Why did he suddenly regain his normal composure when I didn’t even do anything at all? And the main thing is his condition is so terrible now will he be able to continue withstanding all these?”