Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 46

Chapter 46 A Poisonous Tongue Deserving Of A Spanking
Chapter 46 A poisonous tongue deserving of a spanking

Huang Yue Li thought his words were a bit strange, but didnt think about it too much.

Taking the teacup, her eyes narrowed before brightening up.

Clear Red Grass Tea?

Clear Red Grass was a Third Level fire attributed herb. Although it was a fire type, it was very gentle. As a result, it was often made into tea. It was a very loved beverage by all fire attributed martial practitioners.

(Z: Wuuu, all these various grading for all these things. I sometimes get mixed up which grading term I should use or used. T_T)

Armament Masters especially welcomed and loved this herb.

Drinking a sip of tea, Huang Yue Li lifted her gaze and looked at the man opposite her.

This man was neither fire attributed or an Armament Master. Clearly he was attempting to curry favour with her.

Coupled with his previous ambiguous attitude, it couldnt be that..he had taken a fancy to her?

While considering it, Huang Yue Li prevented it from revealing out through her face.

Not long later, the horse carriage stopped into front Wu Wei Manors back courtyards front gate.

Impatiently, Huang Yue Li pulled open the door preparing to leave.

Lord Owner, I thank you for your hospitality today. I will definitely research the dao of refining in an attempts to advance more quickly! Please rest assured! Before I advance, I will not disturb you and could you please not disturb my cultivation too. Let us say farewell here!

Reaching out, the man caught her wrist.

The carriage has yet to come to a complete stop, what is the rush? What if you fall? You are ugly enough, if you were to fall and produce a scar, then you wont be able to marry.

That! Has! Nothing! To! Do! With! You!

That was enough!

Was this mans formal name Poison Tongue and his nickname looking for a spanking?

He was practically the same as that shameless Mu Cheng Ying! She really met a ghost!

She was born proud. If it was a different man who dared to be this frivolous and spoke this rudely to her, he would long turned into something that wasnt a ghost or a human.

Such a shame, her current strength couldnt compare to him!

What was more infuriating was this man clearly knew this fact. He was taking full advantage of it.

Holding her wrist, he escorted Huang Yue Li all the way to her the courtyards front gate. He halted his steps once he arrived.

Rest assured, since your armaments are in this Lords hands they will certainly sell for a good price. Reaching his hand out, he lightly brushed back her stray hair, Wait for my good news.

I understand, good bye!

Swatting his hand, Huang Yue Li turned around and entered her courtyard. She did not spare a single glance at him.

Watching her back view, the man helplessly shook his head. Sighing, he said to himself: Why is she this arrogantly cute?

With his cultivation talent, his identity coupled with that extraordinary looking face, he always received the affection of women. How many noble born princesses willingly took action and suffered losses against him to gain his attention.

The first time he took the initiative to gain a girls goodwill, he believed that he would succeed in catching her.

Except that in reality, Huang Yue Li did not give him any face and this has made him hit a nail in his attempts.

But, because it was like this, that made him all the more interested.

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Returning to her back courtyard, Huang Yue Lis mood was still very sour.

She felt that it was a great failure to not check the calendar before leaving the house today!

The selling of armaments should have been a very simple and easy affair, but she was very unlucky to provoke such a powerful man. A super large headache!

Looked like she must go to get lengths to avoid this man in the future.

Afterall, once she received her pay from the armaments and received the herbs, Huang Yue Li had long planned to go into closed-door cultivation. At that time, she no longer needed to have any more dealings with that mysterious man.

Unfortunately, shortly after she returned, some people had come knocking.