Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 463

Chapter 463 Naturally He Will Marry Me

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Everyone used a shocked expression to look at Huang Yueli.

No one had expected that Huang Yueli would take the initiative and feed Li Moying by mouth.

Luo Jiyun secretly gave a thumbs up to Li Moying.

Deservingly to be called Senior Brother, his actions were so swift, to think that they were so intimate! No wonder when they first came to the Dark Moon Forest, Senior Brother introduced her as his fiance..

Mo Yi and the rest were already letting their thoughts running wild, making guesses on when they should change to greet Third Miss as Madam..

Huang Yueli did this action subconsciously because this was the method which she had used to feed Li Moying when he was unconscious. She had already knew that in his unconscious state, this man would not possibly take his medication by himself so she didn’t spend any time on hesitating on what to do.

By the time she had finished feeding him, she felt the glares from the surroundings and instantly realised that something was not right.

“Yue Li, you’re so shameless! How dare you do such a thing in front of so many people!”

Even before Huang Yueli had a chance to explain, Murong Ni had already burst out at her in anger.

Huang Yueli sniggered at her, “Why am I shameless? Li Moying and I. we are fianc and fiance. Moreover, this agreement was set by our parents and matchmaker’s words, so whatever we do are absolutely proper. Anyway, it’s much better than someone else..whose eyes are often roaming around other people’s fiance!”

“You Yue Li, don’t be overly gleeful! You’re just engaged, do you think you can marry Senior Brother? Let me tell you, in such a reputable Sect like ours, parents absolutely cannot decide the Sect’s disciples’ marriage. If you wish to get married, you need to go through the Sect! My father will never agree to Senior Brother marrying you!”

Huang Yueli smiled slightly, “Don’t worry about that, anyway all I need to do is to grab hold of Li Moying’s heart and naturally, he will marry me. If your father does not agree, perhaps Li Moying may resign from the Sect instead. I wonder if your father will be willing to let such a genius talent take his leave like that?”

Murong Ni had wanted to show off her imposing manner and reputation as a large Sect’s daughter in bid to make her back off.

Who was Huang Yueli? Matters concerning the Sect did not concern her at all.

The innate skill that Li Moying displayed was already at the ninth grade. Perhaps he might be the same as her, having some rare, extraordinary innate skills.

No matter how reputable his Sect was, to be able to find such an exceptional genius was a huge opportunity that one might wish for in a hundred thousand years.

She could almost confirm completed that all the resources were banked on Li Moying, with hopes that he would become the leader of the entire Soaring Heavens Continent. By then, their Sect would follow and soar into stardom.

No matter how powerful and strong the Sect Leader was, they wouldn’t dare to do anything to Li Moying. Instead they would think of many ways to win him over.

Not only that, considering the arrogant character of Li Moying, would he allow the woman he loves to gesticulate while talking? Obviously this was not going to happen.

“You.. just wait and see! You dared to seduce Senior Brother, you’d definitely come to no good end! Just wait for my father to come and finish you off!”

Murong Ni knew what she said was not wrong, but she braced herself to put up a brave front and continued her arrogant ways.

She couldn’t figure it out, wasn’t Huang Yueli from some village of a small country? How would she know what standing does Li Moying have in the Sect?

She must have been bluffing her way out, right?

Huang Yueli heard her threats but was not threatened a single bit. Instead, she laughed happily.