Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 464

Chapter 464 Where Did This Local Tycoon Appear From?

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Murong Ni felt the chills after hearing her laughter and felt something was amiss.

Had this vixen been shocked out of her mind?

But when Yueli opened her mouth, it gave her a shock instead.

“You’re asking me to wait? Hehe, I won’t run. After all, I’m waiting for you to kowtow a hundred times to me! You’re the daughter of a ‘reputable Sect’, surely you won’t go back on your words in front of so many people, right?”

Murong Ni went into a daze, “What do you mean?”

Huang Yueli turned towards Li Moying and continued, “We just made a bet earlier. If I can prove that is the Spirit Saint Spring Water then you’d have to kowtow to me one hundred times. Ms Murong is still so young, yet your memory is so bad?”

“Of course I said that, but are you treating me like an idiot? If you really had the Saint..”

Murong Ni sneered but as she was talking halfway, her eyes popped out in shock.

The others also set their sights on Li Moying’s face, and their expressions were flabbergasted.

Earlier Li Moying’s glabella had turned dark, his lips were purplish reflecting the typical signs of soul damage. But now within a short span of a quarter of an hour, the dark energy that were gathered in between his brows had distinctively lessened and was constantly decreasing. Even the purplish colour on his lips were becoming lighter.

Very obviously, the injury inflicted on his soul had started to take a good turn.

“This. how could this be possible?” Mo Yi stared in awe.

Luo Jiyun’s mouth opened wide, “Don’t tell me.. that this is the real deal?”

“How is this possible? Such a big tub of Spirit Saint Spring Water? How much would this cost?”

“Is this a matter of money? In the entire Soaring Heavens Continent, where on earth would you be able to find so much Saint Spring Water, even if you had the money?”

“But besides the Spirit Saint Spring Water, what else would be effective for the treatment of soul damage?”

They looked at one another in dismay but could not find the answer.

To be able to take effect so quickly, besides the Spirit Saint Spring Water, there could be nothing else! And if there was, it could only mean that the spring water was much more valuable than the Spirit Saint Spring Water. Such a big tub would be worth even much more money..

In this moment, the looks that everyone shone upon Huang Yueli was more complicated than usual.

Where did this local tycoon appear from? Didn’t they say she was just a country bumpkin from a neighbouring small country? Why was it that she had several thousand times more money as compared to these disciples from a major reputable Sect?

This. this was simply outrageous, how could anyone believe this?

And where did she get so much Saint Spring Water from?

Who would have guessed that Huang Yueli actually had the heaven-defying god relic – Sky Phoenix Ring!

Seeing that everyone’s jaws were almost dropping to the group, Huang Yueli curled up her lips and gave a smile.

“Alright, as for the source of the Saint Spring Water it’s confidential. Anyway what you all need to know if I never speak without thinking, so this is absolutely the Spirit Saint Spring Water. But don’t think that the effect is very good just after one glass. The road to recovery is extremely slow especially in the later stages, a complete recovery path is arduous so we must continue to let him drink the Saint Spirit Water daily.”

Mo Yi didn’t know how to reply.

Who doesn’t know that continuously drinking it would increase its efficiency. But many people are able to afford this luxury of drinking the Spirit Saint Spring Water daily?

His mouth twitched and finally found his voice.

“This. to drink it every day, a small pail would suffice. We’ll use a vessel to pack it up. As for the rest.. Third Miss, please keep it safe. This is very valuable so please don’t waste it!”