Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 465

Chapter 465 This Is Bath Water

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Huang Yueli shook her head and said, “No need. This Saint Spring Water is used for bathing. Did you think I will feed Li Moying with bath water?”

Mo Yi, Mo Er and Mo San’s heads was full of black lines.

Bath water, Bath water, Bath water..

So this priceless Spirit Saint Spring Water was only bath water in Third Miss’s eyes..

What was this feeling of spitting out blood?

Mo Yi chuckled, “Third Miss, how could the water you fed Master be bath water! This is Spirit Saint Spring Water!”

Huang Yueli smiled and took out a wooden pail from the sky, “The effect from drinking Saint Spring Water directly may not be as well. What I’m giving Li Moying is medicinal wine made out of Spirit Saint Spring Water. It’s healing efficacy is several times higher. As for this leftover ordinary water, we’ll just use it for bath water..”

A fleet of crows went flying by their heads, everyone had the same thoughts in mind.

So, Saint Spring Water could also be brewed into wine as well. The aroma of the wine drifted through the wooden pail and smelled especially fragrant..

Something was wrong, what was ordinary water? And what was used as bath water??

Huang Yueli saw the crowd’s expression was as if they were struck by lightning and became speechless.

She clapped her hands and said, “Alright, snap out of your daze! Didn’t you see Li Moying’s condition? Stop wasting time! Strip him of his clothes and leave him in the bathtub to soak. Let’s hope this can temporary control his injuries. When day breaks, we’ll think of other ideas.”

These few people snapped out of their shock, clumsily stripped Li Moying of his clothes and carried him into the bathtub.

Looking at the motionless Li Moying, besides being worried, there was a sense of melancholy all around.

This bath of Li Moying’s had washed away how many hundred thousands of Spirit Jades?

Even if Li Moying’s life was priceless in their eyes, but everyone still felt a sense of overtaxing a heavenly item. What a waste to burn money..

As Li Moying was bathing, the group’s only two females instinctively left the tent.

Murong Ni was pretending to be a virtuous young lady whereas Huang Yueli was indifferent about the whole thing. When she was treating Li Moying’s injury several days ago, she had already seen everything.

Speaking of this, Li Moying’s figure was very good, his muscles were firm but not too overbearing and there was no extra fats anywhere. Every single muscle line eluded power and sexiness, full of masculine temptation.

He looked exactly like a perfect sculpture with his glowing jade-like skin.

If it wasn’t for the fact that this man was injured, and he laid unconscious all this while taking up all her attention to care for him, she would have taken the opportunity to feel him up.

The so-called vanity was present in everyone. But this man was way too handsome, simply causing people to commit a crime because of his beauty..

Although she wanted to look at him much longer, but in front of so many people, Huang Yueli thought she should tone herself down a little.

What’s more, Murong Ni had already ran away, and she was waiting to retrieve her debt, so of course she would follow suit.

Murong Ni’s face blushed as she ran out of the tent, and heard the voice of the person she hated the most.

“Murong Ni, why are you running away? Are you trying to deny your debts?”

“You Yueli, what do you want now?” Murong Ni almost jumped.

Huang Yueli lazily smiled and said, “Second Miss of the Murong family, these words that you spoke are very interesting, are you having a memory lapse? What do I want? I’m waiting for you to offer your hundred head-banging kowtows!”