Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 467

Chapter 467 My Fiance Is Loyal And Affectionate

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Huang Yueli felt that this feeling wasn’t envy and it would definitely not be jealousy.

If she must put a word to it, it should be…erm, to teach Murong Ni a lesson for being a pathetic moron!

It was because Murong Ni had secretly admired Li Moying, so in order to piss her off, she said it on purpose!

After Huang Yueli found a “legit reason”, the words she said later on were even more infuriating.

“..My fianc is loyal and affectionate to me, even though he was in a delirious state, he could not bear to hurt a single strand of hair on me. Sigh, where can anyone find such a good man? I must stay by his side and not leave him..”

Murong Ni’s head was fuming with smoke.

How could she be so complacent? Senior Brother had never bothered to lay an eye on any ladies, why was he so dedicated to her? This could not be true, not true!

Murong Ni couldn’t wait to slap Huang Yueli to death, but she dare not!

Huang Yueli calmly showed off her endearing love and raised her hand to open the hanging screen but. she was stopped by Murong Ni again.

“Hold on, Yue Li, stand still! I’m asking you, what were you murmuring about earlier on?”

“What did I say?” Huang Yueli blinked her doll-like eyes with an innocent blank look, as if she had lost her memories.

Murong Ni gritted her teeth, “You said! You said I pushed you down the cliff and you were going to tell Brother Mo Yi and the rest, and tell Senior Brother!”

Huang Yueli replied “Oh” with a pure and innocent expression.

“That’s right, that’s the truth. You did push me down the mountain cliff! An honest person like me cannot lie. I won’t lie about such things and will tell the truth.”

Pretend! Her pretence was so real!

Murong Ni almost crunched her silver tooth!

What about truth and what about not knowing how to lie? She was now saying she’s an honest person, but when she laid traps for others usually, why wasn’t her “honesty” reflected?

Now she was going to tell the truth according to the facts?

Murong Ni wished she could sew up Huang Yueli’s lips or erase that part of her memory so that she could never say out the truth!

If Mo Yi, Luo Jiyun and the rest found out that Huang Yueli was pushed by her, they would definitely push the blame on Li Moying’s injuries on her.

If Huang Yueli had not fallen off the cliff, Li Moying wouldn’t have gone to save her, and he wouldn’t get injured. And he wouldn’t be late in reuniting with Mo Yi before his illness acted up.

If Li Moying found out about this matter, it would be even more horrifying.

Till now, Li Moying had thought that it was Huang Yueli who lost her footing and fell off the cliff. Just that alone was enough to earn a lecture from him and almost a slash from his sword!

If he knew about the truth, wouldn’t he just chop her up?

Thinking back on the cold expression he showed while slashing his sword at the magical beasts, Murong Ni couldn’t help but secretly let out a shiver.

No way was she letting Huang Yueli tell out the truth!

Murong Ni tried hard to oppress her fury and despondent, and bowed her head towards Huang Yueli.

“Yue Ms Yue Li, please don’t ever say out the truth. You actually you know that I had really pushed you by accident. I never wanted to push you down the cliff. But if you were say this, Senior Brother and the rest would surely misunderstand so please help me keep this a secret..”

Murong Ni bit hard on her teeth and hissed out these words from slits between her teeth.