Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 468

Chapter 468 You Think Im Begging You?

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Huang Yueli had been killed several thousand times in Murong Ni’s heart!

She had thought that by lowering her pride and using a meek tone to speak to Huang Yueli, that would made her accept the kindness she had shown and subsequently do things for her.

Who knew, Huang Yueli’s lips curled upwards only.

“Is.. this the attitude you show when you’re asking for a favor?”

Murong Ni stood stunned and for an instance, she thought she heard wrongly.

What this vixen meant was.. Could it be that she was unwilling to do as she said?

How could this be? She had already lowered her tone and spoke nicely to her, how dare this vixen not give her any respect?

Murong Ni stomp her feet in anger, “Yue Li, did you think that I’m begging you? What I’m telling you is it doesn’t help to blow matters bigger as there’s no advantage to it! I am Senior Brother’s Master’s daughter, even if he knew I was the one who pushed you, what can he do to me? What’s more, it was unintentional! I just felt that since Senior Brother is already injured, we shouldn’t talk about these small issues to affect his recovery!”

Huang Yueli sneered at Murong Ni’s words, did she think that everyone were idiots?

“Since you’re so confident that Li Moying would not blame you, then why are you stopping me? Move aside, I want to go in!”

Murong Ni snarled, “Yue Li, if you refuse to take the easy way, we’ll do it the hard way!”

Huang Yueli didn’t pay any attention to her and using her footworks, she made a turn and routed past her.

Murong Ni was exasperated and without thinking, struck out a palm strike towards the back of Huang Yueli!

When she struck, she had not thought that she would miss.

Because no matter how formidable Huang Yueli was in other aspects, it was the truth that her cultivational level was not high! Considering the difference in their cultivation levels, Murong Ni felt she would be able to kill Yueli with one slap!

Huang Yueli frowned as she felt the tremendous vibrations of the Profound Energy behind her.

A fourth degree realm practitioner.. Indeed it would be hard for her to fight against it.

Only….. She didn’t need to deal with it herself!

Huang Yueli concentrated on her thoughts and brought out the little vulture from the Sky Phoenix Ring.

Murong Ni never expected her miss and the appearance of a magical beast which was taller than a normal man’s height!

“Chirp chirp..”

Little vulture’s appearance was very sudden so it felt lost momentarily but it quickly reacted to Huang Yueli’s orders and pounced towards Murong Ni.


A golden coloured vulture was charging towards her and this made her turn pale with sudden fear.

Although the little vulture was just born, because it had the bloodline of the White Winged Golden Crested Vultures and Huang Yueli kept feeding it with Spirit Saint Spring Water and medicinal herbs from the ring, it had already derived the strength of the fourth tier.

Fourth tier magical beasts were equivalent to the fifth degree realm practitioner in the human world. Murong Ni was just a flower vase who had the cultivation but lacked actual battle experience.

Because of this reason, she didn’t have any ability to ward off the little vulture’s attacks and was repeatedly falling back.

“Get lost, quickly get lost! Ahh Ahh Ahhh, help! Stupid bird, stinky bird, quickly go away, ahhh ahhh ahhh ahhhhhhh!”

Unfortunately the little vulture only took orders from its mistress, totally ignoring her screams and continuing to attack her.

The noise from the conflicts were so loud that it caught the attention of those in the tent.

The men had thought the both of them had met with danger and quickly ran outside.

“What’s the matter? What happened?”

“Sister-in-law, Junior Sister, what happened to you ladies?”