Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 471

Chapter 471 Ive Kneeled Down

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Murong Ni’s heart was now in her throat.

Huang Yueli stole a glance at her and didn’t know whether to laugh or not.

“We were talking about….”

She paused her sentence and looked at the anxious expression on Murong Ni’s face before slowly continuing.

“We were talking about the bet earlier. Murong Ni had personally said that if I could verify that the water I had fed Li Moying was indeed the Spirit Saint Spring Water, she would kowtow to me one hundred times, and she actually renege on her debt! Please judge this, as a daughter of such a reputable Sect, her words are just like passing gas, is that right?”

When Murong Ni heard these words, she almost went into a daze.

What was the situation now she thought Huang Yueli would expose her but she didn’t?

She raised her look surprisingly but saw Huang Yueli looking down towards her with a meaningful glace, with a ridiculing expression.

Murong Ni finally reacted to the current situation.

Although Huang Yueli didn’t expose her now, she didn’t say she would let her off!

Huang Yueli actually talked about the wager and her intentions were now very obvious.

If Murong Ni wanted her to shut her mouth, then she would need to abide by the wager and kowtow her to one hundred times in front of everyone!

Otherwise she would tell the truth about Murong Ni pushing her down the cliff!

Murong Ni had not expected this and her face turned liver-coloured, from both rage and anxiety!

She didn’t want to kowtow to Huang Yueli as that would mean she was putting out her pride for Huang Yueli to tread upon! She had never done such an embarrassing and insulting thing in her entire life!

But if she didn’t kowtow to her, she would definitely tell everyone about what happened on the cliff!

Murong Ni’s heart was divided and an erratic expression soon appeared on her face.

Huang Yueli didn’t say a single word and unhurriedly looked at her, confident that she would give in.

Murong Ni thought for a long time and finally knelt down after she gritted her teeth.

“Yue Yue Li, I’m sorry, it’s my bad. I shouldn’t have suspected you. Please be magnanimous and don’t hold it against me..”

Compared to the danger of being struck by Li Moying, she knew that kowtowing was a much better option..

What’s more, she felt that Huang Yueli would not have the guts to make her kowtow one hundred times! She was after all Li Moying’s Junior Sister. Would she dare not to forgive her?

Just this one kneel and some buttery sentences, this matter should be a breeze?

Murong Ni used all the malicious chants she knew to curse Huang Yueli in her heart but she still endured the humiliation and knelt down.

Huang Yueli didn’t move and looked at her. She suddenly said, “Weren’t you going to kowtow one hundred times? Why aren’t you moving? Dawn is going to break soon and we still have to send Li Moying down the mountain. Be quick and stop procrastinating!”


Murong Ni’s vision turned back and almost fainted!

This slut actually wanted her to kowtow??

Mo Yi, Mo Er and Mo San stood silently by one side, not daring to make any noise.

Since they have already acknowledged Huang Yueli as their future Mistress, then whatever she do, they would not stop her from doing it.

However Luo Jiyun couldn’t stand by and watch idly and he hurriedly came out to mediate.

“Sister-in-law..sister-in-law, I know this is Junior Sister’s wrong. I’ll help her apologize too! But this kowtow one hundred times. It’s indeed a little too much. She’s still young and inexperienced, please don’t hold it against her, sister-in-law..”