Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 472

Chapter 472 Ill Keep Track Of The Counting

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Huang Yueli shot a glance at Luo Jiyun and said, “Junior Brother Luo, the reason why your Junior Sister’s temper is unruly is because of people like you who have spoilt her. Everyone should learn how to pay the price for doing something wrong themselves!”

These words of hers were unreserved and her tone was slight weighted.

Luo Jiyung was stunned as he did not expect her to say such words. After all, Huang Yueli was just a fourteen year old lady, but her intonation and manner gave him a misperception, as though. the words were not from her but an experienced, powerful formidable high level expert.

The indescribable feeling of oppression made Luo Jiyun’s mouth wide open but was unable to plead any further.

Huang Yueli suddenly took a turn of intonation, “But if Ms Murong really don’t wish to kowtow, I’m also not the type of person to force others. Then..”


A low sound echoed, interrupting her words.

Murong Ni had already prostrated with her head banding on the ground.

Although it was not a heavy kowtow, her face was already flushed till it looked as if blood was going to gush out anytime!

Having grown to this age, she had never been so embarrassed before. It was simply too humiliating! She wished that there was a hole in the ground so that she could hide in it!

Unfortunately this kowtow was something she had to do. Huang Yueli’s intentions were already very clear, if she continued to hesitate, Huang Yueli would definitely mentioned what had happened on the cliff!

Murong Ni scrambled to kowtow and Huang Yueli stopped short.

Murong Ni raised her body halfway in mid-air.

Since she had already kowtow once, she had already shown the sincerity of her apology. If Huang Yueli had any common sense, she should know when to stop and let her get up immediately!

Unless she really wanted to force her to kowtow one hundred times?

Alas, Murong Ni’s plan failed again.

Huang Yueli’s voice floated softly over her head, “That’s one, there’s ninety nine more! Miss Murong, please continue and kowtow. I’ll keep tracking of the counting and will definitely not make a mistake!”

Stop while you’re ahead? Huang Yueli’s dictionary did not have this terminology at all!

To her, compassion and friendliness were only given to people who were worth it. As for those who willing came to get beaten, she would definitely be merciless! And give that party a lesson that they would never forget!

Hearing this, Murong Ni almost fainted with rage.

But since Luo Jiyun also didn’t dare to plead for her, the others would never help her too.

Murong Ni clenched her teeth and persuaded herself, since she had already kowtow once, her face had already been lost. What difference did it make if it’s one or one hundred kowtows? Humiliation is the same, whether it’s more or less, there’s no difference?





Murong Ni lowered her head and her forehead kept thumping on the ground. Even if the campsite was full of grass and the ground was covered in mud and it wasn’t hard, doing to many kowtows at one go was enough to make her giddy, not remembering how many kowtows she had already done.

After a long time, she could no longer take it and dizzily turned towards one side.

Murong Ni’s eyes saw little stars and leaning against the ground, her forehead was filled with mud, with traces of blood stains. Her little face was as white as a sheet.

Anyone who saw this scene would think this little girl was very pitiful.

In the midst of her dizziness, Murong Ni saw Huang Yueli move and walked behind her.