Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 474

Chapter 474 Quickly Recover

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Huang Yueli hugged both feet tightly, her chin resting on her knees and stared fixedly on Li Moying’s silhouette.

Quickly wake up, quickly recover..

Don’t make her worry any further..

As though they hoped to leave some space for this pair of fianc and fiance, Mo Yi and the rest did not enter the tent to disturb their peace.

Just like that, a night of silence slipped away quietly.

The next morning when the first ray of sunlight shot into the Dark Moon Forest, everyone awoke.

Luo Jiyun ran into the tent and saw Huang Yueli remain seated in the exact same position as last night. He astonishingly asked,“Sister-in-law, didn’t you rest a bit for the entire night?”

Huang Yueli heard some noises and got a jolt. She rubbed her eyes and realised that she was in a daze the entire night.

She hurriedly stood up and said, “It was nothing. I was worried that Li Moying would feel uncomfortable so I couldn’t sleep. Luckily nothing cropped up last night.”

At this moment, Mo Yi and the rest also entered the tent.

Seeing her red eyes, Mo Yi too felt astonished.

“Third Miss, you didn’t sleep the entire night? Are you alright? If we had known, we would have taken turns to exchange shifts with you. Do you want to go to another tent now and rest up a bit?”

Huang Yueli shook her head, “There’s no need, I can’t sleep anyway. Since everyone is awake now, let’s hurry and leave this mountain. Once we have reached the bottom of the mountain, you should be able to contact your Sect to come forward to aide you.”

From the inner zone of the Dark Moon Forest to the outside, they would need at least five to six days. Now that they needed to bring along the injured Li Moying, their speed would definitely be much slower hence they could not delay any further.

Luo Jiyun nodded his head and replied, “Sister-in-law, don’t worry. We have our own secret method of contact one another. I’ve already left a message to Second Brother so they should already be on their way here.”

“That’s great.”

Huang Yueli nodded her head.

Mo Yi and Mo Er were already by the side of the bathtub, lifting Li Moying out and helping him to get dressed.

Initially these men had thought Huang Yueli would avoid them but in the end, not only did she not leave, she also stood in the tent to speak to Luo Jiyun and occasionally turned her head back to look at them.

As they thought the both of them were fianc and fiance status, the few of them didn’t bother to voice out.

Huang Yueli took a look at Li Moying’s complexion. After soaking an entire night in the Spirit Saint Spring Water, his condition had clearly turned better and his external injury had partially healed and the greenish black spot which represented the spiritual damage in between his eyebrows had dispersed by ninety percent.

Li Moying’s internal injury would not heal that easily and his spiritual damage also would not completely recover that soon. There were plenty more problems to settle after these so at least half a month of recuperation was necessary.

Huang Yueli observed for some time before she frowned and asked, “Brother Mo Yi, is Li Moying’s current condition considered normal? In the normal course of events, his spiritual damage had already healed around ninety percent, so by rights he should have awoken. But he is still unconscious.. could he have sustained other injuries?”

Mo Yi hesitated as he replied, “I’m not sure as well. But if Master had not taken Doctor Liu’s medication, he would indeed be unconscious for a very long period of time whenever his illness acts up..”

Huang Yueli creased her brows, “Your Master’s illness. is simply unpredictable. Are there no ways to cure it? Every full moon he will need the pills to oppress the symptoms. This is basically just treating the symptoms and not the root cause, which is not a good method for long-term!”

Mo Yi replied, “Third Miss what you just said is exactly what Doctor Liu mentioned.”