Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 475

Chapter 475 The Armament Master Is Me

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“He said Master’s cause of illness is likely due to the instability of the spirit, similar to Soul Detachment illness. So if we could find the Profound Lunar Jade and a suitable Armament Master to refine the Profound Lunar Spirit Mirror for him to carry around, there might be a certain effect. That’s the reason why Master personally came to the Dark Moon Forest..”

When Huang Yueli heard these words, she was slightly surprised.

“Wait you said the reason for Li Moying to get the Profound Lunar Spirit Mirror, is for himself?”

The Profound Lunar Spirit Mirror was generally used by those without cultivation or female practitioners, because these type of people were easiest to lose control of their spirits, and have similar diagnosis such as the Soul Detachment Illness.

That was why when Li Moying first proposed the idea for her to refine the Profound Lunar Spirit Mirror, Huang Yueli had guessed that it was for some woman who was important to him, requiring him to spend so much effort to find someone to refine such a unique piece of armament.

But now, she realised from Mo Yi that the Profound Lunar Spirit Mirror was for himself?

Huang Yueli was shocked for a moment but soon accepted the answer.

It was because she had witnessed his condition personally, and the cause was due to the instability of his spirit. Hence Liu Buyan’s diagnosis was definitely reasonable.

Huang Yueli gave some thoughts and said, “Since that’s the case, if you were to leave the Dark Moon Forest, how are you going to find the Profound Lunar Jade?”

Mo Yi replied, “We can only think of other ways then. But Doctor Liu mentioned that if we manage to acquire a good quality Profound Lunar Jade, not only will Master’s illness not act up so violently, if there were any accidental situations, even if it acts up, his consciousness would still remain stable for some time, and he would not be so bloodthirsty. The repercussions will also decrease drastically..”

Upon hearing these words, Huang Yueli hurriedly cut into his words.

“Repercussions decrease drastically? Does that mean Li Moying might wake up sooner?”

Mo Yi nodded, “Yes, I heard that Doctor Liu and Master’s teacher discussed about this matter, saying whenever Master’s illness acts up, the reason for his unconsciousness is due to his spirit unable to regain it’s normal condition. However with the help of the Profound Lunar Spirit Mirror, it will help to quickly stabilise his spirit hence the amount of time that he remains unconscious will lessen, which in turn also lessens the damage to his body.”

When Huang Yueli heard these, she quickly stood up.

“So there is such a matter, why didn’t you mention it earlier!”


Mo Yi didn’t expect her to be so agitated so he fell into a daze.

Huang Yueli said, “Stop wasting time. Since the Profound Lunar Spirit Mirror is so useful to Li Moying, instead of leaving the mountain, let’s proceed to the location where we found the vein mine of the Spirit Jade and get the Profound Spirit Jade! Otherwise when Li Moying returns to the Sect, where will you find the Profound Spirit Jade? If this drags on, another month would have passed.”

Mo Yi was dumbfounded, “Er this Third Miss, there’s something that you don’t know. Even if we were to get the Profound Lunar Jade now, it’s useless. It’s because once the Profound Lunar Jade leaves the vein mein, it will lose its effect within a few hours. So we need the Armament Master to refine it on the spot.”

“Master originally mentioned, he had hired an exceptionally skilled Armament Master over and will meet us directly at the vein mine. But now such an accident had happened and Master remains unconscious, we have no idea where to look for this Armament Master?”

Huang Yueli blinked and replied, “Where are you intending to find this person? The Armament Master that Li Moying hired.. is me.”