Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 478

Chapter 478 Smitten With Confusion

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Mo Yi received it and took a look, and found that Li Moying’s signature was indeed on in. His mouth twitched slightly.

What could he say His Master was indeed. Smitten with confusion, he had even dared to sign this sort of agreement..

Let’s not talk about the level of Huang Yueli as an Armament refiner. Even if she was a fifth rank Armament Master, she had asked for so many materials which included a seventh grade magical beast core, in exchange for a fourth grade upper level armament..

No matter how you saw it, it was a profitless transaction?

However Huang Yueli couldn’t care less about what he felt. She flashed the agreement and kept it again.

“Alright, this matter is settled. Let me go outside and prepare a bit. You guys quickly lift Li Moying. We have to reach the mine vein before today evening.”

Once Huang Yueli finished her words, she left the tent.

Since she had decided to refine the armament on the spot, she had better refrain herself from everyone and check if she had prepared all the items she required to refine the armaments.

When her silhouette disappeared, Murong Ni almost jumped.

“Brother Mo Yi, what did she show you?”

Mo Yi threw her a glance and replied, “Nothing much. Just an agreement that Master had signed to show that he used a magical beast core as an exchange to ask her to help refine the armament.”

“What? There’s such an item? Why would Senior Brother look for her to refine armaments? That agreement must be a fake?”

“The agreement is not a fake, I can still recognise Master’s signature.” Mo Yi replied.

Murong Ni’s eyes turned wide and said urgently, “But..but, how could she be an armament master? And fifth rank? That’s impossible! Something must be wrong somewhere, you cannot allow yourself to be deceived by her. If she causes the death of Senior Brother, what should we do!”

She dared not say these words when Huang Yueli was around. Only after she had left did Murong Ni screamed these out unrestrainedly.

Mo Yi had also had some hesitation but once he saw Murong Ni jumping, his thoughts suddenly cleared up.

That’s right. Murong had doubted Huang Yueli several times and felt that the words and things that Huang Yueli had said and done were not possible, but in the end? The truth whacked her hard in the face!

Perhaps. His Master had took a fancy to this Third Miss. Was because of some heavenly strategy?

Very soon, Mo Yi and the rest had made a simple stretcher and placed Li Moying on top of it.

The entire group of people set off once the dawn broke.

Mo Yi listened to Huang Yueli’s suggestion and led the team to the mine vein.

The position of the mine vein was not far from where they had camped, so they only needed half a day to reach there. If Huang Yueli was just as what she had claimed, that she had the ability to refine the Profound Lunar Spirit Mirror, this amount of re-route was extremely worth it.

Mo Er and Mo San unconditionally followed the decision of Mo Yi.

Although Luo Jiyun was still worried, when he thought of Huang Yueli’s recent performance, he chose to follow the rest.

Murong Ni, on the other hand, was disgruntled. She wanted to ridicule Huang Yueli badly.

But she had been tricked till she was scared thoroughly. Whenever she saw Huang Yueli’s cold gaze sweeping over, she would subconsciously shiver and not dared to say a single word. She would only dared to curse her violently inside her heart.

Huang Yueli was deeply troubled and had no time to worry about what the others thought.

The few of them concentrated fully and hastened on their journey, so they didn’t really meet with any magical beasts which stopped them on their way.

Before noon, they had already reached the Spirit Jade vein.