Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 479

Chapter 479 Really Admire Future Sister In Law

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Mo Yi stopped his footsteps and look towards the direction of the mine vein’s position.

“The Spirit Jade vein is just up ahead. We only need another one hour before we arrive. Originally the vein’s surroundings are guarded by high level magical beasts and Master had no battle power now so it will be difficult for us to break through. But luckily, the Scarlet Eyes Blood Bats which were guarding the vein had already been cleared by Master, so no other magical beasts will appear here.”

Huang Yueli took a glance at the pale man after she heard these words.

He laid there quietly, his elegant brows and eyes with his jade white complexion made him look slightly delicate, perfectly tranquil, as though he had walked right out of a painting. No one could tell that when he was awake, he was a powerful yet arrogant man.

By the time Li Moying had rushed to the Spirit Jade vein, Huang Yueli had fallen off the cliff, so she missed the opportunity to see his massacre of the surroundings.

Just hearing Mo Yi deemphasizing a few words, she could almost imagine how powerful Li Moying was at that time so have killed all the Scarlet Eyed Blood Bats at that time.

Such a huge cloud of Blood Bats caused them to have nowhere to flee. But in front of this man, they were not able to withstand a single blow..

Huang Yueli sighed again and turned to look at the Spirit Jade mine vein.

“Since there are no magical beasts in the way, this makes things much easier. I was initially worried about this.”

Mo Yi shook his head, “Third Miss, things are not as simple. Although there are no magical beasts, but we cannot be sure which location is the Profound Lunar Jade in. Doctor Liu mentioned that Master would be able to sense the location of the Profound Lunar Jade but now..”

Huang Yueli waved her hand and said, “Don’t worry about this. It’s just to find the location of a piece of Profound Lunar Jade? Without the interference of the magical beasts, this is a simple thing to handle.”

As a Armament Sovereign, finding armament materials was naturally a lesson that they had to take up.

There were plentiful of exquisite materials for refining armaments and the materials were often hidden in steep mountains and sometimes it would be hidden among many normal stones and weeds, so it was extremely hard to identify.

But an experienced armament master would be able to use psychodynamic investigation and some supplementary methods to identity the required materials.

In actual fact, identifying the quality of the materials was an important aspect of the Armament Master’s assessment.

Although he was extremely unconvinced, Mo Yi forced himself to swallow back his misgivings when he saw her self-confidence.

Within half an hour, they had reached the foot of the vein.

The surroundings were indeed very clean and there were no magical beasts in sight. Lying on the ground where some corpses of a few Scarlet Eyed Blood Bats.

Huang Yueli screened through and turned her head, “Remove these Scarlet Eyed Blood Bats’ magical core out and their claws. These are very good materials for refining. Their wings can be added into the medication. When I’ve started to refine the armament, please deal with these materials while you’re waiting!”

Mo Yi, Mo Er and Mo San: “…..”

Luo Jiyun gave an exasperated expression, “That. Sister-in-law, shouldn’t we find the Profound Lunar Jade first before we discuss about these materials..”

He really admired his future sister-in-law. At this kind of timing, she can still remember her materials..

Huang Yueli rolled her eyes, “What? I won’t delay the urgent matter. Profound Lunar Jade. Is just behind this mountain road, I have already sensed it.”

Saying that, she hastened her footsteps and ran towards the end of the mountain path and stopped at a piece of stone cliff. She paused and listed her head, looking up and down to take measure of it.