Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 483

Chapter 483 Who Is More Important?

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Luo Jiyun replied, “Really? I thought.. It would be ready in one or two days. If that’s the case, does that mean Sister-in-law is working laboriously without eating or resting?”

Mo Yi nodded, “That’s right. When Armament Masters start refining, they absolutely cannot stop, at most they would take some Abstinence Pills to satisfy their hunger. Such a high intensity job requires a huge amount of Profound Energy, so I’m worried if Third Miss can persevere.”

Luo Jiyun started to feel worried when he heard this.

“No wonder every piece of armament is sold at an outrageous price, it’s tough being an Armament Master! Sigh, I really cannot take a look? I’m really worried. What if Senior Brother doesn’t wake up and Sister-in-law can’t hang on, what shall we do?”

When Mo Yi heard what Luo Jiyun said, he immediately stopped him.

“You absolutely cannot disturb her! If there is any disturbance during the refining process, it is easy to get into trouble.”

Murong Ni had been eavesdropping on their conversation and when she heard this, she couldn’t stop herself from speaking out.

“Fifth Brother, did you really believe. that Huang Yueli is able to refine the Profound Lunar Spirit Mirror?”


To be honest, Luo Jiyun was skeptical.

Even Mo Yi also did not show his confidence that Hiang Yueli could make it, unlike previous times.

Murong Ni continued, “In my opinion, all of you have been deceived by Yueli! How could she be a fifth grade armament master? Just with that little bit of cultivation, you know it’s just not possible!”

Luo Jiyun subconsciously rebuked her, “But Sister-in-law had already said that she could do it, so we should at least let her have a go at it?”

Murong Ni snorted disgruntledly, “Why must we let her try? Do you know how much time we have wasted? If it wasn’t for the fact that she insisted on looking for the Profound Lunar Jade, we might have got out of the Dark Moon Forest and made contact with Brother’s men! Now we’ve wasted so much time and she’s not able to refine the Profound Lunar Spirit Mirror, it will definitely delay Senior Brother’s condition!”

Luo Jiyun was convinced by her words and showed signs of worries.

“Sigh, it’s not entirely wrong to say this but since Sister-in-law had already started refining, to say it is a failure.. Isn’t it too early? What’s more, even if it was a failure, we should have a look at the end result first. Don’t tell me we should just give up halfway?”

Murong Ni disapprovingly replied, “You still want to wait for more than seven days? By the time she comes out, it may be too late for Senior Brother! We should stop wasting time! Make use of the opportunity now and send Senior Brother back to the Sect. Stop making consecutive mistakes!”

Luo Jiyun felt that her words made some sense but he was still indecisive.

“But Sister-in-law is still inside the array refining the profound armament? How about her?”

“What else can we do? Of course we should go inform her about this and stop the refining process.”

“How can we do that? Didn’t you hear what Brother Mo Yi said? If armament masters are disrupted while they are refining, there is a high possibility that they will enter into a state of Qi Deviation!”

“Well. There’s no other way. Since we are all in the fifth degree realm, with our combined strength, I’m sure we are able to transport Senior Brother out safely. If we don’t leave together, there is no guarantee that we can ensure his safety. If Yueli insists on staying to refine the armament and can’t leave, then we can only leave her here alone.”

“What? How can we do that?” Luo Jiyun frowned.

The sides of Murong Ni’s lips curled upwards and revealed a sly smile.

“Why not? Do we have any other ideas now? Tell me who is more important now, Senior Brother or Yue Li?”