Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 485

Chapter 485 Obviously Wanted Huang Yueli Dead

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Murong Ni made up an excuse instantly, “I have a need to answer the call of nature.”

“Oh..” Luo Jiyun nodded and putting aside this question, turned to the opposite direction.

Murong Ni was the only female around so if she needed to answer the call of nature, naturally she would walk further away. These few men had to avoid doing anything that might arouse suspicion so they resolved not to turn their heads around.

Murong Ni waited for everyone to turn around before she sped up and slid over to the front of Huang Yueli’s Spirit Gathering Array.

She raised her fingers and held up her whip, summoned her Profound Skill and threw out her whip heavily in the direction of the array.

A huge “Boom” shook the entire ground.

The men finally realized something was wrong and when they took a look, all of them turned pale with fright.

“Junior Sister, what are you doing? Come back quickly! You cannot go and disturb Sister-in-law!”

“Miss Murong, what were you intending to do? Quickly leave that place!”

Not only did Murong Ni not hear them, she used one hundred percent of her Profound Energy and continued attacking the array.

This round, she thought that since her intentions were already discovered by everyone, she might as well not bother hiding and started to shout while she was continuing her attacks.

“Yue Li, come out now! Stop wasting time inside, we are going to descend the mountain! Just give up since you’re not able to refine the Profound Lunar Spirit Mirror! Come out, quickly come out now!”

Her voice had a penetrative effect which echoed around the surroundings of the mountain path.

When the few men heard this, their faces had turned exceptionally unsightly.

With Murong Ni’s attack and vociferation, unless Huang Yueli was dead, otherwise she would definitely be disturbed. Refining armaments was not for fun but an extremely dangerous task.

What she was doing was obviously because she wanted Huang Yueli dead!

The others used their fastest speed and hurried over, in an attempt to drag Murong Ni away.

When Murong Ni saw this, her attack speed increased several notches and continued to shout, “Yue Li quickly come out. Stop wasting everyone’s time since you’re not able to refine it. Senior Brother is going to die because of you!”

How would she not know that she would cause Huang Yueli’s attention to be diverted and meet with a mishap.

But that was exactly the end result of what she had hoped for. She wanted so badly for Huang Yueli to enter into the state of Qi Deviation and suffer from internal injuries then cough out blood! If it wasn’t for this end result, how could she make Huang Yueli pay for the humiliation of making her kowtow one hundred times?

She dared to humiliate her like this, dying one hundred times wouldn’t be enough to pay for it!

Even though this might make the refinement process a failure, Murong Ni had never even considered this as she had already determined that Huang Yueli was not able to refine the Profound Lunar Spirit Mirror. Whether she broke her momentum or not, it should not affect Li Moying at all.

The men were extremely anxious but since they were a distance from the array, rushing over would require a bit more time.

Mo Yi’s expression looked extremely terrible.

If it wasn’t for the fact that he did not stop Murong Ni and got Huang Yueli injured again, when Li Moying awakes, how furious would he get?

Just as everyone were in extreme anxiety, something unexpected happened.

Following a “buzz buzz” sound, the Spirit Gathering Array was actually released.

Murong Ni had not stopped her attacks as she clearly understood that a fourth level array was not easily damaged. So her main aim was never to break the array but merely to disrupt Huang Yueli’s refining process.

So she had never thought that the array would suddenly disappear.

She fell short of defence and because she used too much power, she was unable to stop herself. In an instance, she fell directly into the boundary of the array, flat on her face onto the ground.