Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 486

Chapter 486 Underhanded Methods Again

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The next moment, Huang Yueli’s skirt hem appeared right before her eyes.

Murong Ni dazedly raised her head and look upwards following the direction of Huang Yueli’s skirt. In the end, before she could see anything, she felt something cooling on her face.

Her hands reached out and touched her face, and found it full of blood. She finally realised that when she fell, she had hurt her nose and it caused a nose bleed which smeared all over her face.

Murong Ni embarrassedly climbed up. Using her strength to wipe her nose, she smeared the blood onto other parts of her face causing it to look even messier than before, and slightly comical.

Huang Yueli couldn’t stop herself from laughing out, “Murong Ni, what are you doing? Did you find that I was too bored with refining armaments so you’re here to put up a skit for me to watch?”

“You. What are you saying?” Murong Ni flew into a rage, her eyes staring hard at Huang Yueli and started cursing, “You vixen, how dare you use underhanded methods to scheme against me! You’re utterly shameless and evil!”

Huang Yueli retracted her smiles and coldly said, “Please get yourself right, who was the one using underhanded methods? I want to question Miss Murong, when I was refining the armament, who attacked my Spirit Gathering Array and who was screaming and shouting outside? What does that imply?”

“II thought that since you were not coming out, I wanted to urge you..” Murong Ni’s thoughts were squashed and her stance weakened but she quickly found an adequate reason.

“Oh? Urge me?”

“That’s right!” Murong Ni raised her head and acted righteously, “Can’t you see what kind of condition Senior Brother is in right now? Can he continue waiting for countless days? Can you or can’t you refine the Profound Lunar Spirit Mirror? Quickly tell us the truth. If this drags on, how will you account for if Senior Brother’s injuries worsen further?”

Huang Yueli’s gaze became even colder.

“You are urging me? Do you know how much time is needed for an Armament Master to refine armaments? And that the refining process cannot be disturbed?”

As Huang Yueli was speaking, her gaze brushed past her and it remained affixed on the four men standing behind.

Those who felt her gaze brush past started to look down sheepishly in guilt.

Mo Yi replied, “Third Miss, I had reminded Miss Murong but we had never expected her to use the excuse of answering a nature’s call to get past us and ran over secretly. It’s my fault that this happened. Third Miss, I shall await your punishment.”

Huang Yueli’s side of her lips curled and she moved her gaze back to Murong Ni.

“So, you knew that it would cause me to enter the state of Qi Deviation and you still did it on purpose?”

Murong Ni looked at her calm composure and felt like punching her. She had wanted so badly to say, “That’s right, I did it on purpose!”

But Murong Ni still had some brains. She knew this was not the time to admit her wrongdoings so she shook her head with all her might.

“Of course not, why would I do that on purpose? I was just anxious..who asked you to waste so much time and yet still not refine even a bit of the Profound Lunar Spirit Mirror?”

Huang Yueli sniggered but did not say a word.

Murong Ni then realised that something was not right.

“Yue.Yueli, you. You’re not affected at all? Shouldn’t. shouldn’t you be..”

She had yet to finish her sentence but everyone understood what she meant.

Murong Ni had forcefully launched an attack on Huang Yueli’s array, causing her to halt her refining process and release the array.

In such a way, Huang Yueli would definitely suffer serious backlash effects. Even if she didn’t enter the state of Qi Deviation, she should have at least suffered some kind of internal injury.