Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 487

Chapter 487 Never Met Someone So Brain Dead Before

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Especially the armament that she had just refined was way above what her cultivation level could refine.

According to logic, she would not only have obtained an injury, and it should have been a serious injury!

Murong Ni was insistent on this belief in this so she struck out without holding back!

However, the situation now was way past her expectations.

Huang Yueli stood silently in the array, a tall, large armament furnace sparkled with faint amethyst and gold rays behind her. Just one glance and you can tell it’s something extraordinary.

As for herself, although her face was slightly stained with dust, her slightly damp hair was stuck on her face and she showed hints of fatigue, but she didn’t look one who had sustained injuries.

Murong Ni scrutinised her from head to toe and after some time, she still couldn’t see where Huang Yueli had sustained injuries.

When Mo Yi and the rest saw her, they quickly walked closer and inquired in a concerned tone, “Third Miss, are you alright? If you have any internal injury or anywhere that you feel unwell, you must tell us! I have prepared some pills which are meant for treating internal injuries…”

Huang Yueli shook her head and replied, “No worries, I’m not injured at all. It’s just that I was stuck inside for three days so I’m famished. Can you find me something to eat?”

Hearing that, Mo Er immediately ran to start the fire to cook up a feast.

Murong Ni stared blankly at her and said unbelievingly, “You’re alright, you’re not injured. How can that be? This could not be happening..”

Huang Yueli threw her a glance with an expression cold like ice, “Why? Do you feel that it’s a pity that I’m not injured? You still dare to say it’s unintentional, do you think I’m an idiot?”

Murong Ni was agitated by her and couldn’t hold back further.

“What? So what if I was intentional? I think you did that on purpose too, right? No wonder you did not sustain any injuries, because you were not even refining any armaments. The furnace was just a decoy! You’re obviously wasting time with the intention to drag us down! So, did I guessed correctly?”

Huang Yueli gave her a glance like she was looking at an imbecile, “Why do I need to put up appearances in the array? And for an entire three days? What advantages would I gain?”

Murong Ni chuckled, “Aren’t you very clear about this? It must be because you promised the heavens and earth but once you entered the array, you realised that fourth level upper grade armaments are not easily refined as your level is too far off! So you thought of hiding inside to continue pretending. After eight to ten days then you’d pretend to fail because you don’t have enough power. In this way, you will be less embarrassed!”

‘”But, have you thought of it, although you have not lost so much face, but as the days drag on, what will become of Senior Brother? Luckily I woke up to this face and exposed your scheme! Otherwise Senior Brother is going to die because of you!”

Huang Yueli stared at her not making any sound.

She had seen brainless people, but never had she met someone as brain-dead as this.

She could even thought of this verdict?

And she was pretty shameless to try and discredit Huang Yueli, and yet at the same time bring credit to herself.

It was obviously Murong Ni plotting against Huang Yueli, but when the words came out from her mouth, it sounded as though she had recorded a merit and did a big favour for everyone.

Huang Yueli’s silence made Murong Ni think that she was correct, thus her guilty silence.

“What? I’ve got it isn’t it? Fifth Brother and the rest have been deceived by you! Your armament furnace looks like it is a high quality product. But it has been ruined by a swindler like you, who is fishing for fame and compliments!”