Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 488

Chapter 488 A Good Dog Doesnt Block The Road

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Huang Yueli revealed a smile which didn’t look like a smile, “I know, you want me to fail so badly but unfortunately I have to apologize that I have disappointed you. I have yet to fail refining any armaments under my care!”

Murong Ni sneered and blurted out without thinking, “Still trying to exaggerate? Fourth level upper grade Profound Weapon, can you possibly refine it? This I gotta… see..ouch!”

Before she could finish her words, Huang Yueli had pushed her aside.

Murong Ni was caught off guard and nearly fell on her face. She staggered several steps back and managed to force herself to stand steadily.

“What are you doing?”

“A good dog doesn’t block the road!”

Huang Yueli spare any glances at her and her lips curled upwards, but the words she soiled out were infuriating.

“You little..”

Murong Ni was about to fly into a rage when she say Huang Yueli’s expression froze as she made an incantation gesture towards the armament furnace!

A “Pooof” sounded and the amethyst gold furnace’s lid started to puff out green smoke. At the same time, it was vibrating gently.

Murong Ni just realised that all the while when they were talking, the armament furnace was still refining the Profound Armament!

She had seen their Sect’s Armament Masters refining weapons and knew that when they were refining weapons, they must concentrate fully without a single bit of distraction. If they conversed with anyone or even a slight glance might end up with an explosion.

However, all the while that Huang Yueli conversed with her, her vision had not even drifted to the armament furnace, and the result was. It had not exploded? And it looked like the refining process was pretty successful..

In actual fact, what Murong Ni didn’t know was that when refining Profound Armaments, concentration was most required in the moulding and shaping process. Once the Profound Armament had gained its shape, as long as the deviant flames was strong enough, all they needed was sufficient time for the waiting process.

Those Armament Masters who were extremely careful and didn’t even dare to make any sound when they had entered the moulding stage was because they didn’t have the ability to use refined powerful deviant flames. They could only use normal flame armament so that would be extremely dangerous.

At this point of time, Huang Yueli put all her attention on the Profound Weapon in the furnace, ignoring Murong Ni.

The Profound Weapon had long been moulded into its shape but the flame towards the ending part was extremely important. The exact time to open the furnace was decided by the degree of the calcination, and was the crucial step of refining armaments.

The speed of her Incantation Gestures were very fast, one after another and soon it all added up together.

Following that, she struck out the final Incantation Gesture and lightly said, “Keep!”

Two deviant flames flew out from the bottom of the armament furnace and landed into her palms.

Luo Jiyun’s eyes were fixated on the flames and he shouted out in shock, “That that Is that the legendary deviant flame? How did sister-in-law get the deviant flame? And there’s two of them?”

Mo Yi quickly tugged at him, “Shh! Keep quiet! You can’t make any noises at this moment!”

Luo Jiyun quickly covered his mouth.

Huang Yueli recovered back the deviant flames and lightly shouted, “Open!”

The furnace cover raised up and let out all the miscellaneous smoke that had piled up within. Momentarily the sky was filled with smoke clouds.

Coincidentally, the smoke happened to be blown towards Murong Ni’s direction.

She had originally stood by the side when she was dazed by Huang Yueli’s skilled and graceful movements like a dance. In the end, a cloud of thick smoke came charging towards her face when the furnace lid opened.

Murong’s entire face was puffed with smoke.

“Ow ow ow. What is this? It’s so hot, so hot!! Why can’t I see anything? Help, help!”