Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 489

Chapter 489 Fifth Grade Mid Ranked

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Murong Ni wailed like ghosts and howled like wolves as she was sprayed by that thick smoke, her face was heated and she had a huge shock.

Huang Yueli coldly sneered, “What’s there to scream about? It’s just a cloud of smoke. Who asked you to come so near, and of all places, you had to stand at where the ventilator was? If I hadn’t kept the deviant flames in advance, you’d have been burnt to a crisp!”

Murong Ni was filled with hatred but she couldn’t say anything against it.

Subconsciously she felt that Huang Yueli had intentionally controlled the direction of the smoke towards her, but she didn’t have any evidence.

Huang Yueli was a genuine Armament Master so when she said the position where Murong Ni was standing was wrong, Murong Ni simply had no way to fight back.

Luckily, this puff of smoke was exactly as what Huang Yueli said, and it wasn’t too hot, only making her face turn red with heat and some skin had begun to peel, but she wasn’t disfigured.

Some thick smoke smog her eyes and was extremely pungent, causing Murong Ni’s eyes to turn red and kept tearing. That sight was extremely pitiful.

However Huang Yueli didn’t bother to look at her, and continued walking towards the side of the armament furnace. Carefully, she retrieved a palm-sized mirror.

This mirror reflected a faint indigo colour and looked eerie.

However Mo Yi became excited once he saw this mirror.

“This. this is really the Profound Lunar Spirit Mirror! I’ve seen the blueprint of the Profound Lunar Spirit Mirror and it reflects this special indigo colour, so it cannot be wrong!”

Saying that he carefully inquired Huang Yueli, “Third Miss, may I borrow and take a look?”

Huang Yueli replied smilingly, “Why? You don’t trust me?”

Mo Yi shook his head, “No. It’s just this Profound Lunar Spirit Mirror, it seems a little different from the one that I’ve seen previously..”

Huang Yueli’s lips curled and she generously passed the Profound Lunar Spirit Mirror to Mo Yi.

When Mo Yi took the Profound Armament, he instantly felt a chilling sensation and almost didn’t hold on to it. But a joyous expression flashed past his face because this chilling feeling was one of the special attributes of the Profound Lunar Spirit Mirror.

He took the Profound Armament in his hands and checked it carefully.

Mo Yi noticed that the Profound Lunar Spirit Mirror that Huang Yueli had refined was slightly different from the blueprint that he had seen. The pattern carvings on the mirror was a lot more complicated that the blueprint and the shape of the mirror was different as well.

But from the colour and feeling, it was definitely the Profound Lunar Spirit Mirror.

Huang Yueli saw the questions that were troubling Mo Yi so she explained, “The Profound Lunar Spirit Mirror that I had refined is indeed different from the blueprint that Li Moying gave me. Perhaps you have already noticed, this Profound Lunar Spirit Mirror is a fifth grade mid quality Profound Armament!”

“Fifth grade mid rank!” Mo Yi’s hands shivered and almost dropped the mirror that he was holding.

This was too thrilling!

The armament that Huang Yueli had refined was a fifth grade mid rank Profound Armament?

But he was also considered as a practitioner who had mounts of experience. Even though they didn’t have any tools to ascertain the product, but towards the Profound Armament’s grade that he was holding in his hands, he roughly could gauge.

From the exterior looks of this Profound Lunar Spirit Mirror, it was indeed worth much more than a normal fourth grade upper level Profound Armament.

But the fact that Huang Yueli could refine a fourth grade upper level Profound Lunar Spirit Mirror successfully was already a shocking fact.

And now, she told him that she had improvised on the blueprint and the end-product that she had refined was of a higher grade by two small levels than the original?

Was he really not dreaming?