Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 490

Chapter 490 Lets Calculate The Debts Clearly

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Huang Yueli saw Mo Yi’s face filled with astonishment so she said, “Try putting this on for Li Moying. We’ll know it’s effect once he tries it on.”

When Mo Yi heard what she said, he hurriedly explained, “Third Miss, I’m not doubting your ability, but…”

Huang Yueli stopped him, “No need to explain, quickly let Li Moying try this on.”

Mo Yi nodded and hastily ran back into the tent.

Huang Yueli had originally intended to follow him in. It will be best if she could see Li Moying waking up personally but as she was about to take one step ahead, a low groan was heard from nearby.

She turned towards the sound and found Murong Ni sitting on the ground rubbing her eyes. Her face was filled with soot and the she stared at Huang Yueli with an indescribable enmity.

When Huang Yueli looked towards her direction, Murong Ni gritted her teeth and said menacingly, “Yue Li! Today’s matter..I won’t let it go so easily! You dared to humiliate me, I will never let you off!”

Huang Yueli stopped in her tracks and she smiled lightly.

“What a coincidence, I have no intention to let you off too! If you hadn’t reminded me I would have forgotten about it! You intentionally disrupted me when I was refining armament, with the evil intent to cause me to die. Did you think that the fall that you had was enough to let you off?”

Huang Yueli’s smiled sweetly, and she looked pure and cute but in Murong Ni’s eyes, she felt it was terrifying.

She involuntarily nudged herself backwards on the ground, “You what are you intending to do? I’m warning you! My father is Senior Brother’s benefactor, everyone in the Sect will help me. If you hurt me, even Senior Brother will not let you off..”

Huang Yueli replied, “I know, I know, I’m sick and tired of hearing these words. Next time when you’re threatening others, can you please change some new lines?”


Murong Ni saw that she wasn’t affected and knew instantly that something is amiss. She quickly stood up with the intention to escape.

She knew now that she could not afford to offend Huang Yueli and prepared to endure with this anger for now. After all, she was a reputable Sect Master’s daughter and surrounding her were plenty of the Sect’s disciples so whenever Senior Brother wasn’t around, she would have plenty of chances to take revenge.

For now it’s best to swallow her angry.

Murong Ni felt the way she had escaped was very uncomfortable but as the situation was out of her grasp, she had no choice.

Who knew, she had just ran a few steps when her head banged against a solid wall, causing a concussion to her brain and she was seeing stars spinning.

“Ow. So painful!”

She held her forehead and lifted her head to take a look but she realised that there was no obstacle in her way.

Murong Ni finally reacted and became aware that she was still within Huang Yueli’s array, and it was Huang Yueli who had re-activated the array to lock her up.

Behind her, Huang Yueli started to speak calmly.

“Trying to escape? Isn’t it it too early for it? Let’s calculate the debts clearly first! Since the beginning when we first entered the Dark Moon Forest, you kept using underhanded methods to scheme against me. Subsequently, you lured the Scarlet Eyed Blood Bats and almost caused everyone to die. Next was to push me down the cliff and now, you attempted to disrupt my refining of armament. I’m the type who dislike to owe debts, and I hate people who owe me anything. Tell me, how should I get even with you?”

Murong Ni felt a chill down her spine.

“Don’t come over what do you want to do? Don’t forget, I’m a fourth degree realm practitioner and you’re just at the first degree realm! I have with me plenty of protection aces from my daddy. If you dare to do anything to me.. you will come to no good end too..”

“Ace? You won’t have any chance to use it!” Huang Yueli coldly taunted.