Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 491

Chapter 491 Because I Want To Wallop You

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Murong Ni was appalled to the max and knew that she cannot hesitate further. Her fingers dug deep into her realm ring, drew out something and threw it towards Huang Yueli

Even though her action was pretty fast, Huang Yueli was faster!

Before Murong Ni had a chance to strike, she felt her feet were unsteady as if something had tugged at her. Subsequently she plopped onto the ground.

The Profound Artifact that she held in her hands dropped onto the ground.

“Has no one ever told you that you should never provoke an Armament Master in their territory, or else.. you will die terribly?”

An Armament Master’s nest was always filled with plenty of mechanisms so most practitioners do not dare to barge in without permission.

This array’s boundaries naturally were Huang Yueli’s territory. Surrounding it were some little mechanisms. Murong Ni had dared to take action against her at this type of place so she would have a terrible ending.

Huang Yueli walked over and bent down to pick up that item.

It was a delicate ball-shaped Profound Artifact. The entire thing was dazzling with the radiance of the rainbow colours and looked exquisite. But in actual fact, this was a very powerful Profound Artifact and was extremely dangerous.

Huang Yueli naturally recognised this.

“The Rainbow Profound Photosphere..a photosphere which condenses attack power of seven different Profound Energy. It can only be used once and the intensity depends on the tier of the Artifact. This is a seventh tier Profound Photosphere and so, just one attack is enough to launch the power of a seventh degree realm practitioner. It’s no wonder you’re the daughter of a big Sect, this thing is worth lots of silver.”

“You you know about this too?”

“Of course, I’m an Armament Master. Murong Ni, your memory is really bad!”

Murong bit her lips, “Let me go and return the Profound Photosphere to me, I I will let you off.”

Huang Yueli gave her a surprised look and chuckled, “Do you think I’m dumb? Do I need to let you off? Think carefully about how you’re going to beg me for mercy!”

As Huang Yueli was talking, under the embittered gaze of Murong Ni, she calmly kept the Rainbow Profound Photosphere into her own realm ring.

She was sighing in her heart, a daughter from a reputable Sect is just rich. This seventh tier Rainbow Profound Photosphere was worth a fortune and they just gave it to this brainless junior.

But it was because of this that she could make a small fortune out of it.

Huang Yueli kept the Profound Photosphere and bent over to pick up a long whip.

This whip was Murong Ni’s weapon and it was a fourth tier upper grade Profound Weapon. She pleaded with the Sect’s most powerful Elderly Armament Master to refine it for her when she reached her marriageable age. It used up a lot of valuable and rare materials and had always been her favourite.

Seeing Huang Yueli pick up the whip, she stared till her eyeballs were about to fall out.

“That is my whip. You how dare you snatch my whip?”

Huang Yueli took the whip and brandished it several times to test the feel of it and lightly laughed lightly, “This kind of fourth tier item, I’m not interested so don’t worry, I’ll return you the whip after I’m done.”

“Who are you trying to cheat? Once you laid your hands on such a good Profound Armament, would you return it? Lay it down if you have the ability!”

Huang Yueli’s lips curled upwards and with a deep meaning, she replied, “I’m not bluffing you. The reason why I’m holding it is not because I’ve taken a liking to it, but entirely because. I want to wallop you!”

Murong Ni heard the words and fell into a daze. Before she had yet to come around it, Huang Yueli had already raised the whip and struck it towards her face.


“Ah! Yueli. dare..”

Murong Ni’s face instantly flashed a deep and long bloody scar, causing her to scream in pain on the spot.