Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 492

Chapter 492 Someone From The Sect

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Huang Yueli’s wrist roused and without stopped, another whip was struck out!

“Tell me if I dare to or not?”



One lash after another, Huang Yueli continuously struck without stopping.

The method that Huang Yueli struck was extremely vicious. She specially struck the extremely painful positions. Just a few lashes and Murong Ni was already rolling around in pain, her tears kept flowing.

However, Murong Ni’s feet were clasped tightly by Huang Yueli’s trap, held tightly by the iron chain. There was no way to struggle free so she could only roll around with no escape route!

“Ah!…..Ah! You b***h, how dare you treat me in this way, my father will never let you off! . Help, HELP! Fifth Brother save me! . Woo woo wooo, Miss Yue Li, I’m in the wrong, please let me off…”

Murong Ni couldn’t stop screeching.

Initially she used her status in an attempt oppress Huang Yueli but when she realised she didn’t even bother about this, she attempted to look for Luo Jiyun for help. However Luo Jiyun had entered the tent to look after Li Moying so he didn’t pay any attention to this area. Besides that, this array was soundproof so her cries for help did not reach him.

After that, she finally gave up and couldn’t care less about her face and continued to ask for mercy.

Huang Yueli sneered, “Stop using your father to scare me, I’m educating his daughter a lesson! Obstinate, conceited, self-centered, full of malicious schemes but yet you don’t have the equivalent ability and discernment, you deserve a lesson! Today I will let you know that no matter who makes a mistake, that person deserves to pay the price!”

“Help… help…”

Huang Yueli lashed out viciously but she managed to do it in a way where she didn’t faint.

Murong Ni could only continue to struggle, blood stains appeared everywhere on her entire body, her clothes were shredded to pieces, almost unable to cover up.

Just at this moment, the sky echoed a weird sound.

It sounded like the wind like the sound of some huge flying Magical Beast flapping it’s wings.

Following that was the appearance of a large shadow, the rays above were slowly dimmed as if something was blocking the sky.

Huang Yueli sensed this strange predicament, stopped whipping and looked up.

She only saw that afar was a huge flying ship of at least over ten meters, flying steadily towards their direction.

Flying ship was a commonly seen flying Profound Artifact of at least eight tier and above. The construction was vast and generally required a few Armament Masters of eight tier and above to work together for a duration of at least a year or more before its completion.

This type of flying ship was absolutely not something that commoners could use. Even among the ninth degree realm top practitioners, there were few who had the fortunes. Generally it would be those big Sects who had accumulated the fortunes for several thousands of years before they could afford a few fleets.

And generally only when the Sect Master or Elderly Seniors set off on a long journey, then will it be used.

Upon hearing the noise, Luo Jiyun excitedly ran out and used all his might to wave his hands towards the direction of the flying ship.

The people onboard the ship had apparently seen him and slowly descended towards the empty field in front of the Profound Lunar Jade mine.

Huang Yueli raised her brows and in her heart, she had already some understanding.

From the looks of it, this flying ship was from the Sect that Li Moying belonged to. It should be here to receive him..


Outside the array.

Luo Jiyun’s face was filled with smiles as he stood out to receive them.

“This is great, Brother Mo Yi, Senior Brother should be fine! We are really lucky today. The Profound Lunar Spirit Mirror that Sister-in-law refined is effective and looks like Senior Brother is going to regain his consciousness anytime soon. Now the someone from the sect has arrived, we can take the flying ship back immediately. This time, there shouldn’t be any more problems!”