Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 493

Chapter 493 Why Is It Him?

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Mo Yi heard Luo Jiyun but his reaction wasn’t as enthusiastic. Instead he frowned.

He didn’t know if he had thought too deeply but Mo Yi had the feeling that things wouldn’t be as smooth as what Luo Jiyun thought.

He simply replied, “Young Master Luo, let’s go over and take a look.”

The flying ship stopped steadily in front of them and a flight of stairs slowly descended. A pack of people walked out from the ship.

The minute he saw the leader of the pack, Luo Jiyun’s expression fell, “Wh Why is it him?”

He murmured in a low voice, but unknowingly the other party heard him, the leader of the pack curled up his lips and said, ” Fifth Junior Brother, what is it? You don’t seem to be too happy. to see me? Don’t you know how to greet me? Or could it be that after you’ve gone out on a journey with Senior Brother, you have forgotten how to spell the word ‘courtesy’?

Luo Jiyun was extremely unhappy with his sarcastic words but he didn’t dare to defy him. He could only lower his head as he walked over and greeted him, “Second Senior Brother, long time no see. Why did you. come over today?”

The man who was known as Second Senior Brother by Luo Jiyun looked refined and handsome. The long green robe that he was wearing gave out an elegant and graceful feel and some delicateness.

If one had not known the truth, they would never have thought that he was an extremely powerful practitioner.

His voice was soft and when he talked, his tone was gentle. He was the total opposite of Li Moying, who gave out a pressurizing feel with just a glance.

Even so, Luo Jiyun, Mo Yi and the rest did not dare to slight him.

That man looked deeply at Luo Jiyun and said, “Fifth Junior Brother.. you don’t welcome me?”

“NNo, it’s just that I heard from the elders that you had gone to Sky Emperor City to gain experience and you had the intention to sign up for some competition, so I thought you would be gone for quite some time..”

“Too bad, I’ve let you down. Something happened to Senior Brother so no matter what, I should make this trip down personally. What’s more, the annual Sect competition is about to start, so Teacher and the rest are very busy. How could they be alarmed by such a small matter? So naturally.. I’m the only one who can come over.”

Luo Jiyun was wailing bitterly in his heart and felt that he was super unlucky.

After Li Moying fainted, he hurriedly sent out a SOS order to the Sect. This special tablet could only be used once and only the core disciples would bring it with them. Usually, only when they met with a life and death situation then would this be used.

Once the Sect received this safety call for help, they would immediately send out their elders for assistance.

Li Moying had one tablet with him, and his carried the most weight. This was because he carried with him, the entire Sect’s expectations so if he were to fall into trouble, it was natural that the Sect Master would personally come forward to rescue him.

Luo Jiyun had thought it would be a certain Elder, or even their Teacher.

Who knew, the person who came was the Second Senior Brother, who was most disagreeable with Li Moying..

This was the weirdest part, where on earth did he receive their rescue order? And how did he manage to convince the Sect’s Elders to allow him to bring his force to come forward?

Even so, Luo Jiun didn’t dare to express his thoughts.

“Second Senior Brother, listen to what you’re saying. Of course it’s great that you came.”

The man opened his eyelids and his handsome face expression a gentle smile.

“What exactly happened to Senior Brother? This seems to be the first time he sent out a rescue order to the Sect? To think that with his ability, he still requested for help, so the trouble he has met with, must not be something small.”