Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 495

Chapter 495 Useless Fools Who Cannot Even Protect Your Master

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Li Moying quietly laid on the beast skin and although he was unconscious, his complexion looked normal, his breathing was stable and the centre of his eyebrows reflected a peaceful look. If he had not known about his condition beforehand, he would have thought that he was just sleeping.

Li Lingchuan raised his eyebrows and stretched out his hand. He had yet to reach Li Moying before he was stopped by Mo Yi.

“Young Master Li, Master is very weak now so he cannot be disturbed. Please allow us servants to do the manual tasks such as carrying or taking care of him. You’re Master’s Junior Brother so your status is very distinguished. You would probably not have any experience in tasks such as taking care of others.”

A blunt but reasonable conversation.

Most people would probably not insist further.

But not only did Li Lingchuan not retract his hand, he retorted, “How did the few of you take care of Senior Brother? As his subordinates, you didn’t risk your lives to protect him? Senior Brother is so heavily injured and yet the few of you are not harmed at all? You still dare to claim you know how to take care of others? All of you, get lost, you’re not in a position to talk!”

Mo Yi, Mo Er and Mo San stood in front of Li Moying and refused to budge.

Li Lingchuan’s eyes flashed a sliver of coldness and the Qi he released caused Mo Yi and the rest to turn pale instantly!

They were just in the fifth degree realm but Li Lingchuan was a genuine sixth degree realm practitioner!

Not only was Li Lingchuan’s cultivation higher than them, he had alarming innate skills in terms of Profound Skill and Cultivation Method.

If it wasn’t for the fact that he had met the evildoer like Li Moying, in the South Sky Region, he would be labelled as a super genius that could only be found in every one hundred years!

“Get lost! You useless fools who cannot even protect your Master!” he shouted sternly.

The oppressing power of high level practitioners were extremely powerful. Every word he spat out felt like thousand grams of weight, weighing heavily on their chests, causing their blood to boil to the extent of spitting out blood!

But Mo Yi and the rest didn’t step back!

Li Lingchuan started to worry. He had hurried over because he knew Li Moying was weak now and his soul damage was extremely critical. Once there were hiccups in his recuperation stage, it would lead to a long term damage, and if it was serious enough, he might not be able to cultivate further.

If he were to make some small moves, even if something were to happen to Li Moying, they would not be able to find any evidence.

Li Lingchuan had thought that since Li Moying set off the rescue order, his subordinates should have been seriously injured so whatever he had planned to do could be easily done.

He didn’t expect that not only were Mo Yi and the rest not injured, they were loyally blocking his way.

Now things took a turn and it was not as easy as he thought. If he were to take action, unless he killed everyone and not leave any witness, otherwise if the actions were to flow to the Sect Master’s ears, he would get into big trouble.

Li Lingchuan’s thoughts turned quickly as he let out a cold grin.

“How dare you block me? If it wasn’t for you who didn’t protect Senior Brother, how would he get injured? Men, drag these useless fools who got Senior Brother into trouble away! Whoever dares to resist will be counted as betrayal to the Sect. Don’t blame me if my subordinates don’t show any mercy!”

He had pinned a charged on Mo Yi and the rest, so that he could get his men to hold them back.

Even if his subordinates cultivation levels were not as high as Mo Yi, but now that Li Moying was unconscious, if Mo Yi dared to resist against Li Lingchuan, it would be counted as insubordination.

By then Li Lingchuan would have a legitimate reason to kill them all.

Mo Yi and the rest realised his intentions and their faces turned pale instantly!

They had never expected Li Lingchuan to be so vicious and scheming!

The few of them were willing to throw their lives away for Li Moying but. if Li Moying were to fall into the hands of Li Lingchuan, what should they do?