Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 497

Chapter 497 Other Women Have No Chance At All

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Huang Yueli smiled slightly, “Really? There’re so many women who likes my Li Moying? But too bad, he’s already engaged to me, so the other women have no chance at all!”

Li Lingchuan’s eyes rolled upwards. When he didn’t smile, he looked slightly sinister.

He stared at Huang Yueli’s eyes and shook his head, “Miss, I think it’s better for you to stop pretending. Did you think you’re helping him? Li Moying won’t thank you for this. When he wakes up and realises that you’re imposing as his fiance, he’d be very angry! He has never been known to show tenderness to any woman!”

Huang Yueli pouted secretly, her heart gave a tingling feeling.

Why did Li Moying have so many rotten romances! It wasn’t only that blind lass, Murong Ni who secretly admired him, there were always people who hinted that she didn’t match up to him!

What was wrong?

If it wasn’t Li Moying who pestered her first, she wouldn’t even bother about him!

But this was not the time to haggle over this.

Huang Yueli shook off the distracting thoughts and calmly said, “I’m not lying to you. Li Moying and I are absolutely fianc and fiance. I’m sure you know that Li Moying’s biological father is the emperor of South Yue Kingdom and I. am the fiance whom his father had selected. If you don’t believe, you may ask Mo Yi and the rest.”

Li Lingchuan heard her clear and logical narration and turned his head suspiciously to glare at Mo Yi and the rest.

Mo Yi immediately replied, “Master had personally introduced Third Miss was his unwedded fiance. For the duration that Master was unconscious, we heeded Third Miss’s orders.”

Li Lingchuan raised his eyebrows, and had a surprised look.

Mo Yi and the rest were very loyal to Li Moying. So even if it was a ruse, they would never succumb to randomly acknowledging anyone as their Mistress.

Since they have already spoken then it should be real, but..

“To be honest, I really can’t tell which part of you could attract such a high-sighted man like Li Moying, and for him to personally acknowledge you as him fiance..” Li Lingchuan sneered.

Huang Yueli’s expression remained unchanged, “For that part, I won’t need Junior Brother, you to worry about that. But is that the attitude that you should use and talk to your future sister-in-law?”

Li Lingchuan started laughing when he heard that.

“Ha ha ha, you have got guts. Did you really think that just because of his parents’ orders, you can get married to Senior Brother? I’ll have you know that with Li Moying’s status, his marriage has to go through the Sect’s consent! Based on your status and innate skill, there’s no way you can be his proper wife. At most you’d be made a concubine! As a concubine, do you think you’re worthy of me greeting you as Sister-in-law?”

Listening to him ridiculing Huang Yueli, the expression on Luo Jiyun’s face changed and he charged outwards.

“Don’t you dare say that about Sister-in-law! Senior Brother has already said, Miss Yue will get married to him!”

Li Lingchuan glared sternly at him, “Looks like. You’ve been bought over by this lass! As one of the direct inherited disciples from a reputable Sect, greeting a country bumpkin as Sister-in-law. Whatever next! Men, bring Young Master Luo onto the ship and let him calm down! Reflect on your mistake!”

A few bodyguards surrounded and pressed Luo Jiyun down.

Luo Jiyun had intended to resist but Li Lingchuan released a strike of Profound Energy directly at his chest, causing him to spit out blood on the spot!

This scene came as a shock to Huang Yueli.

Li Lingchuan’s cultivation. wasn’t bad at all. Looks like even if Mo Yi and the rest worked together, they would not be his opponent at all..

Seems like Li Moying is in deep trouble this round!