Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 498

Chapter 498 Li Moying Has Awaken

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Although Huang Yueli was worried on the inside, her face still showed calmness and her spoke in a gentle tone, “Junior Brother Li, you’re not following the rules in this way.”

Although Li Lingchuan’s smile was gentle but his expression was totally cold.

“Miss Yue, I’ve already said, you’re not qualified to greet me as Junior Brother! It’s right and proper that I’m teaching my Junior Brother a lesson, it’s not your turn to butt in!”

Hearing that, Huang Yueli’s smile disappeared and she said coldly, “I think the one who doesn’t have the authority is you! Your Senior Brother is still here! If it was to teach Junior Brother a lesson, that should be his matter. Does he need you to meddle in his affairs?”

Li Lingchuan’s gaze froze, “Senior Brother is currently unconscious, so I’m fulfilling my obligation as a Senior Brother! What I’m doing is for his own good. Even if Senior Brother awoke, he would not say I’m in the wrong!”

Huang Yueli raised her head and looked at him on equal footing, “What if Li Moying has already awoken?”

“What do you mean?” Li Lingchuan paused momentarily.

Huang Yueli replied, “It is what is is! Li Moying had already awoken earlier in the morning and it’s because he’s overly tired, so I specially fed him pills that can aid him in his sleep, so that he can recuperate in peace. However, we didn’t expect you to suddenly appear!”

“I had originally thought that since you’re Li Moying’s Junior Brother, naturally you will make proper arrangements and not disturb him. But who knew, you took matters into your hands with no respect for him! The powder I’ve fed him is the Respite Powder! If you dare to touch him and he wakes up and flies into a rage..even I won’t be able to stop him!”

Her face was peaceful as she used a calming tone to talk.

The Respite Powder was a commonly seen tranquilizer, often used when a practitioner was recuperating from their injuries. It was an inexpensive first level mid quality medication.

When this medication was taken, it would aid in sleep and hasten the speed in recuperation of wounds. The best part was no matter how noisy the surroundings were, it would have no effect on the patient.

However, once there was external contact to the body, even if it was just a light touch it would make patient to wake up in shock.

When Huang Yueli said these, Li Lingchuan’s brows indistinguishably twitched.

His stare towards Huang Yueli became extremely sharp and cold, as if it was a blade shooting towards the space in the middle of her eyebrows.

“You’re talking as if it’s real! Did you think that based on those few sentences, I’d believe you? Whenever Li Moying’s condition acted up, didn’t he always require at least half a month before he wakes up? What you’re saying was just to scare me off!”

Li Lingchuan’s gaze turned swift and fierce, his Profound Energy emitting out!

The huge oppression caused Luo Jiyun, Mo Yi and the rest to turn pale.

However, Huang Yueli didn’t seem to have any adverse reaction, her expression and talking were as per normal, as though she wasn’t facing any sixth degree realm expert, but just an ordinary person.

She laughingly said, “Since you think I’m bluffing why don’t you go over and test it out for yourself!”

Saying that, she turned, “Mo Yi Mo Er, Mo San, all three of you, stop blocking the way. Although his recovery will be slightly affected by this lack of sleep, but once he boards the ship, he can continue sleeping! All of you please move away and allow Junior Brother Li to take a look. Otherwise he will think that you have caused the death of his Senior Brother!”

Her smiling eyes swept across them and after a moment of hesitation, Mo Yi and the rest heeded her words and took two steps aside.

Seeing this, Li Lingchuan’s smile slowly wiped away, he gazed deeply at Huang Yueli, Mo Yi and the rest, considering and hesitating on his next step to take.