Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 502

Chapter 502 Sister In Law Youre So Resourceful

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Li Lingchuan had wanted to get back on his feet but he suffered the attack of the Thunder Flame Balls that Huang Yueli had threw out next!

H had never expected Huang Yueli to throw out a fifth tier Profound Artifact, and so many at one go!

Adding on the obstructions of Mo Er and Mo San, all he could do was to defend himself.

But this sort of attack could only stop him from chasing up to them, and not seriously injure them. So once the Thunder Flame Balls attacks had halted, Li Lingchuan’s expression was filled with fury and he arose immediately!

Huang Yueli’s speed was the slowest amongst all of them.

When Mo Yi turned back, he saw Li Lingchuan’s shadow pouncing towards Huang Yueli and he couldn’t help but shout, “Third Miss, be careful!”

Li Lingchuan sneered, “Trying to escape? Just based on your first degree realm speed, are you able to escape? There’s no woman who dares to play a trick on me! Don’t you even think of..”

Before he could complete his sentence, he suddenly “Thud” and fell onto the ground again.

And this round, he fell even more seriously than the previous time!

The reason was because the previous time it was a small obstacle that tripped him but this round..

Li Lingchuan clenched his teeth as he raised his head, and in front of him appeared a large area of faint blue light array pattern!

Before Huang Yueli started refining the armament, she laid a Beast Diversion Array around the tent’s surroundings, with the initial intent of preventing Magical Beasts from attacking Li Moying and the rest.

But now, since everyone had ran out of the tent, she took the opportunity to activate the array and trapped Li Lingchuan in the boundaries of the array!

As Li Lingchuan had not expected her to plan this, he used his fastest speed and chased them with his might. With such an incredible speed, the force that was used to bang onto the boundary of the array was no different from banging into a wall.

Just thinking about it made one feel extreme pain.

This scene left Luo Jiyun, Mo Yi and the rest dumbstruck.

After a while, Luo Jiyun spoke, “Sister-in-law. You. you are really too black-bellied and too resourceful. You can even think of this?”

Mo Yi spoke out too, “Young Master Li doesn’t seem to have taken such a big disadvantage before, and this round he had to fall in the hand of a woman whose cultivation level is lower than him by that much, I gauge that he should be mad with fury!”

Mo Er and Mo San laughed out loud.

Huang Yueli’s expression remained heavy.

“Don’t be happy so soon! My array was not mean for defence, so if he spends some time on it, he will be able to break it. It can only stop him for a quarter of an hour! We must get on the flying ship immediately before he breaks out of the array and clear everyone on the ship out, and fly off!”

“That’s right, what Third Miss is saying is true! We must make haste!”

“Quick, everyone follow up!”

Upon hearing Huang Yueli’s words, everyone stopped laughing and hurriedly sped towards the flying ship.

Li Lingchuan saw the direction they were running to and guessed what they were thinking. He felt a sense of urgency and fury!

As he drew out his long spear, while attacking the array to break out, he couldn’t help but to start cursing!

“Sly and cunning woman! Just wait and see, don’t you fall into my hands! The rest of you don’t even think of escaping. There is no way for all of you to escape today!

However his voice was blocked out by the sound-proof features of the array, so it could not be heard from the outside.

Huang Yueli and the rest had took the opportunity and rushed up the flying ship.

There were few people on the flying ship and they were all brought over by Li Lingchuan from the Sect.

Some of they remained loyal to Li Lingchuan and started attacking the party!

However, the powerful ones were trapped in the array along with Li Lingchuan and those left on the ship, were not the strongest.