Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 504

Chapter 504 Get Lost

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Amidst the screeching, a finger drenched in blood flew towards the sky!

Fresh blood splattered everywhere! It almost splattered onto Huang Yueli’s face.

She hurriedly turned her head to one side and avoided it.

Following that, she heard a familiar, low-toned voice arising from her back!

“Li Lingchuan, we’ve not met for several months. It seems that you have grown some guts and placed your designs on my woman? Looking for death!”

Even though this vocal sounded hoarse and melancholy, it was obvious that the owner had yet to fully recover as the feeling was different from normal times.

But at this very moment, to be able to hear this voice that she had not heard for such a long time, an excited Huang Yueli covered her mouth and turned behind unbelievably!

Li Moying’s lofty figure appeared before her.

There were signs of fatigue underneath his eyes and due to dryness, some parts of his lip started to peel. But that extremely handsome face dazzled and captured all of her attention.

Li Moying slowly walked over and put his arm around Huang Yueli’s waist. Lowering his head, he gave a peck on her face.

Huang Yueli was caught unawares and received his kiss directly, her face flushing with shyness.

This. what timing was this now? This shameless lecher, Li Moying, actually.. calmly stole a kiss? And she hadn’t seem to allow him kissing her?

But before she could protest, Li Moying had shifted his glance towards Li Lingchuan.

“What? You want to get my woman into your bed?”

Li Lingchuan felt a chilling sensation down his spine from that cold glance.

“Senior Brother, this round you woke up really quickly!”

Li Moying coldly replied, “If I didn’t wake up earlier, perhaps I might have lost my life, since even my fiance.have been watched by someone else..”

“Misunderstanding .this was just a. misunderstanding..” Li Lingchuan’s forehead slid down a few drops of sweat beads.

Ever since Li Moying woke up, his vigour instantly reduced by a great deal and were showing signs of retreat.

No one knew why Li Moying had such a strong overbearing forcefield. Even if Li Lingchuan thought highly of himself, felt that his power surpassed all the others and his innate skill excelled all others, but every single time he stood before Li Moying, he was instantly shortened by a head, completely unable to fight with him!

Li Moying’s glare was icy cold, “A misunderstanding….”

“Yes, that’s right!”

“Unfortunately, I don’t care if it’s a misunderstanding or not, I only believe in what I see with my own eyes! I will not let off any men who dares to harbour any designs on Li’er! On account that we are from the same Sect, I shall spare your life for today. Get off the flying ship on your own!”

Li Moying’s put it simply but his motive was to get Li Lingchuan to “get off” by himself!

Li Lingchuan was the next talent in line, after Li Moying and his existence was like a star waiting to be borne.

However, only Li Moying never gave him any face.

Li Lingchuan’s expression changed instantly.

But he didn’t dare to show any signs of resistance..

It was because, based on Li Moying’s temper, he was already showing mercy when he didn’t kill him on the spot..

Pressurized by Li Moying’s cold stare, step by step, Li Lingchuan walked towards the edge of the flying ship.

Suddenly, his footsteps came to a halt.

Something was wrong, something was extremely wrong!

He had rushed over with the intention of harming Li Moying while he was seriously injured, and earlier he had clearly offended the little lass that Li Moying obviously pampered.

By right, he should have already stepped on Li Moying’s bottom line. When he killed, he would never be soft-hearted!

But today, he didn’t make any moves.

Why was this so?

Could it be although he had regain his conscious, his injuries had yet to recover so he actually didn’t have the energy to fight it out?