Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 507

Chapter 507 Only Gentle Towards Her Alone

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The Profound Lunar Spirit Mirror that Huang Yueli had refined was placed on Li Moying’s chest once again.

Li Moying’s collar was slightly loosened and that piece of icy blue lit mirror laid quietly on his sturdy chest. The perfectly chiselled pectoralis major shone under the sunlight and looked especially alluring.

Huang Yueli silently looked at him for a short moment and turned around to ask Mo Yi.

“What exactly is wrong with him? Why did he suddenly wake up but fainted again?”

Mo Yi explained, “Third Miss, there’s something that you don’t know. The Profound Lunar Spirit Mirror that you had refined is extremely effective, much better than the previous Profound Armament blueprint that I had seen! After Master had it put on, his complexion turned much better and the progression rate was also faster than before. We were guessing that if luck has it, he should be able to regain his consciousness before nightfall.”

Huang Yueli heaved a sigh of relief, as though the heavy rock weighing on her heart had
been lifted.

“It’s good that it’s effective.. So the reason why he regained his consciousness in time was because of the therapeutic effect of the Profound Lunar Spirit Mirror?”

“I’m guessing it must be because Master could sense the dangers lurking on the outside world, and with the help of the Profound Lunar Spirit Mirror, he managed to wake up in time. But as he had yet to fully recover, he had forcefully unleashed his Profound Energy to attack Young Master Li. It was possible that he had used up too much energy which led to him fainting once again..”

Huang Yueli couldn’t help but sighed when she heard this.

“Your guess should be correct. I have the same thinking too.”

It was apparent as she had witnessed with her own eyes, the confrontation between Li Moying and Li Lingchuan that happened earlier.

Li Moying had indeed not regained much power, so if the both of them were to really start fighting, she gauged that Li Moying would probably not be Li Lingchuan’s match. This was the reason why he chased Li Lingchuan down the ship.

And Li Lingchuan didn’t believe that he would recuperate that fast so he tried his luck.

Li Moying was a daring talent. He actually used all his remaining Profound Energy in this one shot and caught Li Lingchuan unprepared.

His influence over Li Lingchuan was normally very deep, so Li Lingchuan was originally frightened of his. So after he was injured , he didn’t had time to dwell upon this and hurriedly jumped off the ship to save his own skin!

By now, Li Lingchuan should have thought things through and realised that Li Moying was bluffing.

However, it’s too late for regrets. With the speed of the flying ship, it was impossible for Li Lingchuan to chase up!

Moreover, he jumped from such a high height, he was possibly seriously injured.

This was what you called black-bellied and sinister, killing someone without shedding any blood..

As Huang Yueli reminisced, her fingertips were feeling Li Moying’s face uncontrollably as it went past his nose bridge and continued downwards.

This man was extremely good looking, not only his features were beautiful like a painting, what was rarer was that he had a bearing of an emperor, who could naturally.. torment anyone.

Such an aloof, arrogant person, yet he was only gentle towards her alone.

Whenever she was in peril, he was always able to jump out without a care for himself, and used all methods to save her.

Every single time, it was just in time..

If it wasn’t because she already had Mu Chengying in her heart, perhaps. she might have fallen in love with him long ago?

As Huang Yueli absent-mindedly thought about it, suddenly her heart winced as she realised that Li Moying had been occupying her thoughts recently.

Or she should put it this way, the image of the both of them were often entwined together in her thoughts and many times, she would even mix up the events that the both of them had done..

Was this her hallucination? Or was she too lonely? That was why her imagination was running wild.