Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 512

Chapter 512 Simply A Beast

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Huang Yueli hastily turned around, pulling along the blanket that had dropped onto the floor and coiled it around herself hiding her head into it. That position of hers looked exactly like an ostrich!

Li Moying amusingly shook his head, tempted to tell her that even if she hid herself, Luo Jiyun had already saw what happened earlier so it was pointless to do so.

However, to prevent the domestic violence displayed by his fiance in front of his Junior Brother, he judiciously shut his mouth.

Compared to the embarrassment felt by Huang Yueli, Li Moying was completely unaffected.

The blanket had been stolen away completely by Huang Yueli and he had nothing to cover his body with.

Yesterday night, for the convenience of applying medication, he was already half dressed. Earlier when they were entangling on the bed, in the process of dilly dallying, the remaining of his clothes were completed dishevelled.

Now, he was in a state of half nudity and his fair but sturdy chest muscles were portrayed in the open air. On his chest were two strokes of scratches which was left earlier by Huang Yueli when she was resisting him. It looked especially ambiguous.

Li Moying did not feel any hinge of awkwardness and calmly tidied his clothes. Following that he shot an unfriendly glance towards Luo Jiyun.

“Don’t you know how to knock before you enter? Where have your manners gone to?”

The minute Luo Jiyun opened the door, he already knew that he had committed a huge offence to have bumped into the scene of intimacy between his Senior Brother and future Sister-in-law. Ththithis..he would be probably be chopped into several pieces by his Senior Brother!

But he felt indignant for himself.

Li Moying was unconscious due to his heavy injuries and Huang Yueli was taking care of him. According to natural train of thoughts, both of them should be sleeping fully clothed and couldn’t be more pure than the blanket!

Who knew that the injured patient had awoken and was full of vigor and vitality, oppressing the one who had been taking care of him onto the bed?

Senior Brother was simply a beast!

But he absolutely had no guts to spill out these words of ridicule.

Luo Jiyun shrunk his neck and carefully explained, “Senior Brother, I I did knock earlier but you were.. simply too ‘busy’ so you didn’t hear it..”

Li Moying calmly replied, “Even if you did knock, did your Sister-in-law or I allow you to come in?”

Luo Yijun helplessly reflected upon his actions.

“Senior Brother, I’m wrong. Please be magnanimous and forgive me this once!”

Li Moying noncommittally “humph” and spoke, “Why are you still sticking your head around here, trying to see something? Didn’t you see your sister-in-law is suffocating inside the blanket?”

Louo Jiyun just realised that he had committed another wrong he shouldn’t continue to stick around.

He hurriedly replied, “Senior Brother, please continue being busy with Sister-in-law, do continue. I I’ll make a move first.”

Luo Jiyun hastily walked towards the door and just as he was about to step out of it, he suddenly retracted. With a terrified expression, he still pressed himself to open his mouth.

“Ugg, that. Senior Brother, Junior Brother I have to remind you. You’ve lost a lot of blood and had fainted for around seven to eight days. Your body is still weak and you have yet to take your meals, and and you’re already so ‘busy’. It’s really really not good. Do you want to.. have your breakfast first before you continue?”

Luo Jiyun felt himself was so great and honest advice was always unpleasant to the ears!

Even if Li Moying would be angry, but as his number one best junior brother, he ought to remind his Senior Brother!