Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 514

Chapter 514 Really.deserve To Be Kissed

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When Huang Yueli left the room, she went over to call on Mo Yi and the rest.

After the few of them had entered Li Moying’s room, she turned around and walked to the kitchen to see what was there to eat.

Unfortunately, the kitchen on the ship was very small and not much food was prepared. There were only some barbecued pieces of magical beast meat.

This type of oily food was not suitable for a patient who was just recuperating from a serious injury.

Huang Yueli had no choice but to cook personally. Firstly she minced some tender chicken meat and adding some spiritual herbs and saint spring water, she stewed a small pot of minced meat porridge. After that she found a small bag of flour and made a tray of crystal steamed dumplings.

Huang Yueli’s cooking skills had always been good.

The rationale behind it was purely because of the control of fire. She had outstanding innate skills in the fire attribute and this directly resulted in her top-notch skills in cookery.

However, the number of people who had tried her cooking was extremely little because there were few who were worthy to let her cook for them.

In her past life, there was only Mu Chengying. In this life, there was an additional person..

Smoke curled upwards, her actions were skilled and elegant, as though it was a hazy painting scroll.

As the porridge was cooked using the Saint Spring Water, so when it was cooked, the fragrance was extremely strong as the smell slowly drifted out.

When Huang Yueli brought the food and cutlery to the room, the door was still tightly shut and the few of them were still conversing. She couldn’t make a decision to knock and enter or to wait outside.

Just at this moment the door was suddenly opened and Luo Jiyun ran outwards, his mouth was drooling as he stared at. the porridge in Huang Yueli’s hands.

“Sister-in-law, what did you make for Senior Brother? Isn’t it too fragrant? I also want to eat..”

Huang Yueli rolled her eyes at him, “None is for you!”

“Why? Sister-in law, you cannot be so bias like this, isn’t it too obvious? Why is it that Senior Brother can eat but I cannot? I am also your partner who had already fought alongside with you for the past few days!”

Huang Yueli replied simply, “He’s injured.”

“But I’m injured too!”

“Your skin is too thick, just a little injury, you won’t die from it! Stop your superfluous words, help me bring the porridge in!”

Luo Jiyun took over the tray and puzzledly asked, “Sister-in-law, why are you not bringing it in to Senior Brother yourself?”

Huang Yueli shook her head, “You are in the middle of discussion, I’d better stay away for the time being and not listen in on your conversation. Help me look after Li Moying and make sure he finishes all the food, do you understand?”

“Ohhh..” Luo Jiyun nodded.

When he brought in the tray of food into the room, everyone’s gazes concentrated on the tray that he had brought in.

It was because that porridge and the steamed dumplings’ fragrance was simply too tempting. Everyone instinctively swallowed back their saliva with their eyes staring at the tray of food.

Only Li Moying didn’t look at the porridge. Instead his gaze went straight beyond Luo Jiyun.

Following that, he discontentedly frowned.

“Why didn’t she come in?”

Although he didn’t say it clearly, everyone knew who he was referring to.

Luo Jiyun repeated what Huang Yueli said, word for word.

Li Moying snorted coolly and although he didn’t express any speech, his heart was filled with discontent.

What was she up to? He was talking to his subordinates, what was there to shy away from? He didn’t have any secrets that he needed to hide from his own woman.

That lass’s refusal to enter was obviously trying to distant herself away from him, really.. deserved to be kissed!

As some charming scenes flashed in Li Moying’s mind, he licked the corners of his lips and commanded Luo Jiyun, “Bring it over.”