Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 516

Chapter 516 Envy Jealousy Hatred

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As Li Moying gleefully took his porridge, the sweet taste melted in his mouth. Accompanied with various envy, jealousy and hatred glares as side dishes, this meal was extremely delightful.

Just as the grudges had reached the peak, he finally finished his meal.

Li Moying slowly wiped his hands and said, “Where did we stop earlier? Continue!”


Luo Jiyun’s face was bitter with unspoken criticism.

Senior Brother you are already full but the rest of us are still hungry! Look at your gleeful smile, was it really ok?

Luo Jiyun didn’t speak a word but Mo Yi and the rest were not like haughty as him and continued the topic earlier.

With regards to the matter that had happened when he was unconscious, Mo Yi and the rest had already reported what had happened to Li Moying.

When he heard the outstanding performance of Huang Yueli, Li Moying didn’t show any sense of shock. On the country, he reflected a simple smile.

His little fox had always been that outstanding. No matter what she did, it wasn’t something to be surprised about.

But his smile didn’t last for a long time, only a couple of second and quickly his expression sunk.

“The Sect had definitely received my call for help as this flying ship had always been parked in the Sect. So Li Lingchuan could not have rushed over from any other place. However, the person who drove the ship over was not the Sect’s Elder but a junior like him. This matter is just too weird. I dare say, something. must have happened in the Sect!”

Hearing that, everyone’s expressions stiffened.

Luo Jiyun replied, “If that’s the case, the duration when Senior Brother had left the Sect was slightly longer. But I had just departed before the start of the month. I’ve heard from Master that the some Sect from the West Sky Region was coming to pay a visit. Because of that, I almost couldn’t leave! But I have no idea what happened after that.”

“A Sect from the West Sky Regions. Which Sect is that?”

Luo Jiyun shook his head, “I didn’t pay much attention. At that time, I thought it wasn’t something that matter since there were often frequent visits among the big Sects.”

Li Moying kept silent for some time before he decided, “Looks like I must make a trip back to the Sect! Change the direction of the flying ship and go back to the Sect directly.”

“But Master, your injuries have not fully recovered! If we were to return to the Sect and you have to make a move again, then..” Mo Yi hesitated.

Li Moying replied, “No matter. Anyway even if the flying ship were to fly at the fastest speed, returning back also needs a few days. Now that I have this Profound Lunar Spirit Mirror, my soul has stabilised considerably and my recovery has hastened. These few days are enough for me to recover to at least eighty percent of my original power.”

Mo Yi was still worried but as he thought about it, he didn’t dissuade any further.

Only Luo Jiyun still had his doubts, and wanted to speak but stopped on second thoughts.

“Little Wu, speak what you have on your mind.” Li Moying couldn’t stand it anymore.

Luo Jiyun hemmed and hawed, “Senior Brother, I don’t know if I should say this but. I’m really worried. I’m not sure if Junior sister.had what happened to her.. after all I’m the one who brought her out from the Sect, and now that I didn’t bring her back, I don’t know how furious will Master be!”

Yesterday after the vigorous battle with Li Lingchuan, they only single-mindedly thought of bringing the unconscious Li Moying and run for their lives. No one had remembered Murong Ni at all.

It was until Li Lingchuan was forced to jump off the ship and after they had steadied their emotions when Luo Jiyun suddenly recalled that he had left their Junior Sister in the tent. He couldn’t calm himself down the entire night as he pondered over this.