Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 518

Chapter 518 Always By Her Side

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Luo Jiyun hung his head disappointedly, his face pale-white as if he had suffered a fatal blow.

“How did things become like this? Junior Sister was very adorable when she was young. Although her character was a bit exaggerated, but I had never expected her to do such vile things?”

Mo Yi advised, “You may know a person for a long time without understanding her true nature. Miss Murong had been spoilt rotten by you bunch of Seniors, so this lesson should be good for her!”


Seeing him still sighing away, Mo Yi continued, “Young Master Luo, don’t worry. Actually nothing much will happen to Miss Murong. When Young Master Li jumped off from the ship, Miss Murong will definitely go and look for him.”

Luo Jiyun stared blankly for a moment then set his mind to rest.

That was true, that Second Senior Brother, Li Lingchuan had always laid down everything for the two Young Misses of the Murong family, so how could he leave Murong Ni alone? Saying that, even if she had to suffer a little, her life should be in no danger.


On the deck, Huang Yueli stood alone against the railing, looking far away into the distance.

The flying ship was shuttling in between the clouds and the speed was pretty fast, flying past the vast forest.

The had been ten days since their arrival before they entered the inner zone. Yet in just one night on the ship, they were about to leave the Dark Moon Forest.

It was very quiet on the ship, no one was walking around. Only the cold mist from the clouds brushed against her face and it felt a little wet.

Huang Yueli stood there silently, her heart was feeling sentimental.

Many years ago, she had crafted a flying ship and with a man, they cruised around. However, it was all in the past now.

She instinctively stretched out her finger and touched her swollen lips which was still a little painful. Lo Moying seem to have a habit of biting people, every time she provoked him and he couldn’t bear to punish her, he would only vent his anger by biting her gently on her lips.

This habit, was just like Mu Chengying..

These few days, they had met with various mishaps, which led Huang Yueli to be fully occupied.

Now that everything was safe and the surroundings had quietened down, she suddenly realised that recently. something was wrong with her.

She seem to be too concerned about Li Moying.

This man had a pair of mesmerising eyes like Mu Chengying, a strong and overbearing character as Mu Chengying, an innate gift which was exceedingly high and even some of his little habits.

This gave Huang Yueli a sense of illusion, as if. Mu Chengying was always by her side, and had never left her.

This sweet illusion allowed Huang Yueli to slowly sink in, and unknowingly, they had become very close.

Towards the embrace from this man, she didn’t resist and even towards his kisses, she would frequently give a response.

Especially the moment when Li Moying pounced towards her to protect her with his life in Master Yun Tian’s cave, at that moment, she had truly been touched by Li Moying!

Sometimes, Huang Yueli thought she was really going crazy!

No matter how much Li Moying. was like Mu Chengying, they were entirely different people!

Just because they look alike how could she even betray Mu Chengying, as though she was possessed?

But, they were really too alike, too alike. To the state that at some point, she was unable to differentiate between the two of them..

Huang Yueli heaved a deep sigh in an attempt to get Li Moying out of her mind.

Mu Chengying. The number one exponent of the Soaring Heavens Continent, where was he now? Was he still in Sky Emperor City or had he made a breakthrough in these ten over years?

By his side. Was he still surrounded by the women who lusted for him?


Why is it that when someone asked, if Person A and Person B are the same person, I would be unable to speak out clearly?