Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 519

Chapter 519 Its Entirely Justified To Hug My Fiancee

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Just as Huang Yueli was letting her imagination roam freely, a scorching warm chest plastered against her back.

Without waiting for her response, a pair of sturdy arms held her around her waist and locked her into an embrace.

“Li’er, why are you stoning here alone?Why didn’t you send me the food personally?” A familiar low pitch hoarse voice rang beside her ear, with some sense of temptation.

Huang Yueli shockingly turned around, “Li Moying?”

The man showed a sign of unhappiness at her shocked expression, “Why this shocked expression? Besides me, who else would it be?”

Huang Yueli shook her head, Nothing. Have you finished your discussion with Mo Yi and the rest?”

Earlier, she really did have a misperception because Mu Chengying had the exact same habit of suddenly hugging her from behind when she was in a daze, leaving her with no chance of hiding..

It was obvious that she had thought too much.

Li Moying felt that the little lass in her embrace didn’t feel too right and after staring at her for a little while, he continued, “There was nothing much in the first place so the discussion ended quickly. Actually you didn’t need to stay away, there was nothing that I have to hide from you.”

Huang Yueli shrugged her shoulders, “But I have no interest in your Sect’s matters.”

Saying that, she attempted to pull away from Li Moying’s arms but that man’s strength was huge. After expending some effort, she was still unable to get away.

“Li Moying, let go of me first. It won’t be nice if we were seen by other people, ok?”

Instead of releasing her, Li Moying held her even more tightly after he heard what she said.

“What’s there to be afraid of? The people on this ship, who would dare to talk nonsense? Besides, it’s entirely justified for me to be hugging my fiance.”

“You. can your face be any thicker?” Huang Yueli was exasperated. No matter how black-bellied and craft she was, or how witty she was, every single time she encountered this overbearing, senseless, black-bellied man, no matter what moves she made, it all ended up in defeat.

Li Moying coldly snorted and his glance fell upon her delicate little face, his voice went dangerously low.

“Li’er, I feel that something is wrong with you today, you seem to be pulling a distance away from me? Why? Mo Yi and the rest told me that when I was unconscious, you were even more anxious than them, taking care of me personally to the extent of not even leaving more than a step. Why is it that after I have awoke, you are trying all means to avoid me?”

“I When did I avoid you? This is all your misconception! Don’t frame me!” Huang Yueli bit her lips as she explained.

How was she going to explain all these?

The awoken Li Moying and the unconscious Li Moying were obviously different.

When she was taking care of the unconscious him, she could say that it was to repay him for saving her, but if she were to continue entangling with the conscious him, this would send her into an abyss of entanglement and confusion..

Li Moying’s hand on her slender waist became tighter and gave her a pinch on her waist.

Huang Yueli felt pain from the pinch and softly gave a sigh.

Li Moying released his grip slightly but his arm was still held around her waist, not letting go.

Huang Yueli knew that even if she struggled, she was not able to get away. So she might as well not move. In this way, she could hypnotise herself to hide in this embrace because this man was forcing her to, and not out of her own will.

In actual fact, only she alone knew that Li Moying’s broad chest was only gentle to her, and it gave out an illusion of a strange sense of familiarity..

That overbearing presence left her feeling extremely relieved.