Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 523

Chapter 523 It Was Prince Yu Wang

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The room fell silent, no one answered.

The Empress sighed inwardly, her feelings weighted down.

Ever since Li Moying had severed all the meridians in his body, the Crown Prince’s cultivation had dropped from heavens to hell, and he was totally unable to cultivate at all. The minute he tried to summoned his Qi, all the meridians that were severed summoned excruciating pain, to the extent of fainting of the spot!

Because of this, the Emperor and Empress had sourced for all the renown doctors.

However, everyone’s conclusion were the same. With such a serious injury, they would need the Bone Vessel Replenishment Pill, a fifth grade pill, which could extend and replenish the arteries and veins before he could be cured. And within three months, if they were unable to find this Bone Vessel Replenishment Pill, he would be deemed paralysed forever.

Not even considering the ability to cultivate, he might even be paralysed and confined to the bed for the rest of his life!

Even though this pill was not expensive, it was extremely rare.

The Empress had sent her aides to surrounding countries to search for this pill and till today, she had yet to be able to find it. In the end, she could only send someone to the Sky Cloud City to see if they had any other avenues.

The problem was, the entire journey to and fro would take at least two months, and they might not be able to find the pill!

When the Crown Prince found out about this, he was crushed entirely. He would drink continuously everyday while lying on the bed, and making himself completely drunk! Using alcohol as an avenue to escape the reality of becoming paralysed!

As a mother, the Empress felt indescribable pain tearing at her heart when she saw the Crown Prince in this state!

Thinking back to the days when the Crown Prince was full of mettle and was the number one genius of the South yue Kingdom, his resolutely powerful prince had always been held to the skies. All the ladies in the country thought it would be the ultimate glory to be able to be married to him!

But now, not only was he rejected by Huang Yueli, even the person whom he had always looked down upon stole his love away!

What’s more, Li Moying had not only stolen away his fiance, he had easily defeated him as though he was crushing an ant, in front of everyone. Besides that, he had viciously maimed him!

Not only did the Crown Prince need to suffer from the pain and torture from his injuries, the thing that he could not stand was his pride and face was entirely stepped upon by Li Moying!

Now, who would still remember him, Li Mojun?

In the entire South Yue Kingdom, it was now widely known that Prince Yu Wang’s elegant pose during the peach blossom banquet, Prince Yu Wang’s absolute power and handsome looks, and his overbearing love and fury for a beautiful woman.

What about Li Mojun?

Although the Emperor had yet to decree the imperial edict to depose the Crown Prince, but in everyone’s eyes, he was no different from a dead person.

The Empress called out a few more times and there was still no reply. Instead there was only clear shattering sounds of wine flasks dropping onto the ground.

She could only cry out, “Mojun, Mother is coming in. Stop drinking. Take a look at who’s coming in? It’s Little Seven, she’s back! Haven’t you been waiting for her return? Now that she’s back, there’s hope for you, so stop being despondent!”

“What?! Little Seven is finally back??”

A surprised and happy cheer echoed from the room.

Li Xue’er rushed in to the bedside and looked at the Crown Prince, paralysed on the bed with a disheartened expression, as she unbelievably covered her mouth.

This Royal Brother of hers had always been high-spirited, having an elegant and graceful carriage. He was also known as a handsome youth in the Celestial Light Academy.

But now. he had this half dead look, as though he had already lost all hopes for the future.

Even though she had heard the Empress saying this earlier, but to see it with her own eyes, the impact was much stronger by several folds!

Within her heart, Li Xue’er flew into a huge rage.