Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 526

Chapter 526 To Render My Services For Third Miss

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This action disappeared in time.

Huang Yueli was barely aware that she had been forcefully kissed again and had yet to express her displeasure and it had all ended.

Li Moying gently let her go and said, “This is considered as bidding farewell.”

“Shameless!” Huang Yueli glared.

Li Moying gave a perfunctory expression as he gave an demonic grin. On the handsome face showed signs of devilish glints which eluded indescribable sexiness.

Huang Yueli puckered her lips and lowered her head.

Li Moying released the arm that had restraint her and in a low voice, he reminded, “Alright, it’s late already, I shouldn’t keep you here. Quickly go back and have a good rest! Wait for me, I’ll definitely be back to look for you!”

Huang Yueli thought to herself that perhaps she might not stay in South Yue Kingdom for long. By the time Li Moying came to look for her, he might not be able to find her.

But she didn’t tell him her thoughts and simply nodded before she turned around and got descended from the stairs.

If she cannot be found and the connection had been broken, perhaps. it wasn’t a bad thing after all.

As Huang Yueli thought about this, her heart.. flashed an indescribable sense of disappointment.

As she reached the last rung of steps, she couldn’t help but to turn around to take another look at Li Moying.

Li Moying raised his brow as he said, “What’s wrong? Can’t bear to part with me?”

Huang Yueli shook her head, “You’re too narcissistic! I just wanted to ask, Brother Mo Yi.. what’s up with him?”

She raised her finger and pointed towards Mo Yi who was standing nearby.

Ever since she had starting walking from the deck, Mo Yi had been following her footsteps. Initially, she thought Mo Yi was following Li Moying and didn’t put it to heart. But she didn’t expect that once she got off the ship, Mo Yi actually followed her.

Li Moying explained, “Mo Yi will follow you and be responsible for your safety. Otherwise I’ll be worried when I am not by your side.”

Huang Yueli was dumbstruck, and felt touched in her heart.

This man had really considered everything in her best interest, but..

“There’s no need. I’m in the South Yue Kingdom, what dangers could there possibly be? At most it’s just that Crown Prince and Bai Ruo Qi, those clumsy clowns. I can handle them alone. On the country, you’re going to the Sect and who knows what dangers is lurking over there. Let Mo Yi stay with you instead!”

Li Moying shook his head, “Listen to me! Let Mo Yi stay with you! Alright, I have to continue with my journey, I’ll make a move first!”

Saying that, the flying ship’s stairs slowly retracted and the ship slowly rose as it stayed afloat in the sky.

He simply left Mo Yi on the ground.

Huang Yueli cannot help but shook her head, knowing she was unable to reject him.

This man was always like this. When he treats someone well, he would never allow any form of rejection and the other party must accept his kindness.

Besides, even if she refused, Mo Yi would still follow her in secret, to fulfil Li Moying’s order.

She could only turn around and conveyed, “Brother Mo Yi, in this duration. I will have to trouble you again!”

Mo Yi lowered his head and in a respectful manner, “To render my services for Third Miss is something that your subordinate should do!”

Huang Yueli nodded and together, they walked towards the direction of the city.

Hanging lowly among the clouds, the flying ship hovered in mid-air, in no hurry to fly away.

Li Moying leaned against the pole and as he watched that slender figure slowly walked far away until her shadow had completed disappeared into the city before he raised his head and softly commanded, “Let’s start on our journey!”


Huang Yueli entered the city and directly returned to the Valiant Martial Manor.

Inside the Manor, lights lit up brightly.

And outside the entrance of the Manor, the traffic flowed unendingly, bustling with noise and excitement.

There were many rich visitors, and in their arms were gifts of all sorts, delivering the gifts to the doorstep with an adulate expression.