Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 527

Chapter 527 Wishful Daydream

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Seeing the current situation, Huang Yueli’s eyebrow was raised as a puzzled feeling came over her.

Before she had gone to the Dark Moon Forest, she had already ordered Bai Liu Jing’s entire family to move to the side manor and emptied the Valiant Martial Manor.

But because she had yet to move into her new home completely and the meeting time with Li Moying was up, she rushed to the Dark Moon Forest immediately and left only Cai Wei and the rest to oversee the moving of Bai Liu Jing.

From the looks of this, the bustling scenario of the Valiant Martial Manor, it was obvious that her words had fell on deaf ears!

Huang Yueli was sneering icily in her heart as she entered the manor in huge strides along with Mo Yi.

However, the minute she entered the main gate, she was blocked by the crowd.

The gatekeeper of the Valiant Martial Manor was newly hired and he did not recognise her. Seeing her appearing empty-handed, he immediately shouted in a high pitched tone, “Hey, that little lass in front, halt! Do you know what place is this? This is the Valiant Martial Manor! It’s not a place where you can simply enter indiscriminately. Aren’t you going to move aside?”

Huang Yueli’s lips hooked upwards coldly, “You’re asking me to move aside? Do you know who I am?”

“Who else can you be? Aren’t you here to congratulate our Marquis on his birthday celebrations?” The gatekeeper scorned, “No matter which family’s daughter you’re from, In the eyes of our Valiant Martial Manor, you’re just an ordinary visitor! Do you know who our Marquis is? Marquis Bai’s niece, Miss Bai Ruoqi, if Prince Yu Wang’s fiance. And what’s more, she is an heavenly sixth grade talent!”

Huang Yueli almost laughed out, “You know who is Prince Yu Wang? You know the Third Miss of the Bai family?”

The gatekeeper’s gaze seemed to be looking at an idiot!

“Why would I not know? Who doesn’t know Prince Yu Wang is the most powerful talent in the entire kingdom’s history since he was born, even Bai Liu Feng would not be able to surpass him! Besides that, Prince Yu Wang’s looks are outstanding, his backing is powerful and he is the Emperor’s favourite. He will replace the Crown Prince in time to come! Tsk tsk, such a honourable Prince Yu Wang, paired with our Manor’s beautiful and outstanding Third Miss, it’s a match made in heaven!”

“Third Miss had lost her parents since young and it was out Marquis who had painstakingly brought her up. So the Marquis was equivalent to the Third Miss’s biological father! Now that Third Miss had become Prince Yu Wang’s fiance, our Marquis is the future Imperial Uncle! Such an honourable standing, who wouldn’t want to win his favour?”

When Huang Yueli heard those words, she felt nauseated, totally disgusted to the extreme.

How did Bai Liu Jing treat her during that year? He was simply pushing her to her death bed. In order to obtain Bai Liu Feng’s inheritance, he allowed his Lady and Bai Ruo Qi to torture her.

If it wasn’t for her lucky stars, she would have been dead long ago.

With this, he had the cheek to claim that he was like his biological father? Using her fame to enjoy the respect from everyone?

This wishful daydream.. was very much pretty!

Huang Yueli’s face darkened and retorted, “Are you done talking? If you’re done, move aside!”

The gatekeeper was used to be ostentatious and didn’t know how to observe the expressions of other people. He totally missed the warning signs and continued to boast.

“Aiya, I say, this lady, I can tell that you come from a well-to-do family, but why are you so insensible? Today is our Marquis’s birthday and all the visitors are here to send in their congratulatory messages and have all brought along valuable gifts. You came empty-handed and you’re not embarrassed to just come in like this?”

Huang Yueli slowly turned towards him, her glare icy cold.

“What, you’re asking me about my gift?”