Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 53

Chapter 53 Good Good Future Prospects
Chapter 53 Good, good future prospects!

In the eyes of the guard regiment, Huang Yue Li no longer possessed the appearance of a pitiful young girl. She was now the most terrifying, most steel-hearted demoness!

What expert at the Seventh Level of the Qi Profound Realm? Iron blooded soldiers molded through countless battles on the battlefield, was not enough to make her bat a single eye.

Even though she did not have any profound qi, dealing with them was a such a simple task!

How was this the cowardly, weak and gutless good-for-nothing Third Young Miss?

Smiling, Huang Yue Li swept her eyes over the ground. Those who felt her gaze sweep past them felt their bodies turn cold. Their groans softening instantly.

Huang Yue Li chuckled: Honestly, I know that youre merely obeying orders as a subordinate should. My Second Uncle sent you over, you dare not to disobey. This really cannot be blamed on you.

Eyes widening in disbelief, they didnt dare to believe what they were hearing. The Third Young Miss who was that cruel, would suddenly change her attitude and become this understanding.

Unaffected, Huang Yue Li continued in a sweet voice: Everyone here is without freedom. I am not something who wont feel pity, so I will go with you to the Manor then!

They didnt dare to believe their eyes.

Eyes brimming with tears, the commander said emotionally: Third.Third Young Miss, you are really.too good. A great person possesses a great heart. You truly are the Old Manor Lords daughter. This subordinatethis subordinate had offended you previously. I deserve to die ten thousand times, deserve to die ten thousand times!

As he said this, he began to give himself a few slaps.

Just then, he was anxious as to how he would explain to the Manor Lod.

Would he really have to say the truth. That his entire squad was easily dealt with by the Third Miss? Not only would this be extremely embarrassing, no one would believe such a thing ah!

Furthermore, the Manor Lord had always treated servants harshly. If he was unable to complete such a simple task, he would really suffer!

Who knew that the Third Young Miss would suddenly change her attitude and think about them. She clearly knew that the Manor Lord didnt have good intentions but still chose to go with them.what type of conscious did she have? It was as great as a goddess!

The little phoenix who was hiding within Huang Yue Lis shoulder, let out a few coughs in shock and slapped his wing.

Ai, he really worried for the intelligence of those people. How could this female demon be this kind? If that happened, the sun would be rising from the west!

As expected, Huang Yue Li quickly followed with: But, you people have polluted the environment here, scared my poor maid and activated my secret mechanisms. These must pay for them!

Stunned for a moment, the commander quickly recovered and answered: Yes, yes, yes. This ought to be, ought to be! Third Young Miss is a great person with a great heart, this subordinate cannot thank you enough. Compensating you is something that should naturally be done..

Cheep! Cheep!

Another unlucky victim was born

Scratching his ear, the little phoenix couldnt bear to watch this farce any longer. Tucking his head under his wing, he averted his attention.

Huang Yue Lis smile was especially benevolent: Lord Commander truly understands well! Good, good future prospects! This Miss just loves to speak with smart people like you! Since it is like this, I will give you a twenty percent discount. Each person pay out four hundred silvers and I will go with you!

.Wha? How much?

Four hundred silvers. This isnt expensive, no?

Notexpensive..would be strange!

The whites of the commanders eyes appeared; he narrowly avoided passing out.

As for the soldiers pinned to the iron thorns, their legs long stiff while some had fainted.

Trembling, the commander asked: Third Third ThirdThird Young Miss, did you make a mistake somewhere?

Huang Yue Li blinked a few times: Mistake? Are you saying that I am so simple minded that I fail to calculate money correctly?

No no..not true. Third Young Miss, this wasnt this subordinates meaning. Ratherthis this, four hundred silversisnt that a bit too much? And its four hundred for every person. Adding them together, wouldnt that be a total of four thousand?