Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 530

Chapter 530 Too Shameless

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“Huh? There’s such a thing? I thought that the relationship between the Marquis and Third Miss was very close! If I had knew this earlier, I wouldn’t have bothered to offer my birthday congratulations to that filthy old man! He only know how to put on airs, who does he think he is!”

Once the crowd found out the truth, they were extremely vexed and felt they were being fooled.

He made an prompt and immediate decision, turned around and left.

Upon seeing him, the other remaining visitors suddenly woke up to reality.

“That’s right. Wasn’t our intention here to deliver the gifts just to please Prince Yu Wang? In the end, the flattery had fallen on the hooves of the horse! What would happen if Prince Yu Wang thinks that we are intentionally going against him? Let’s hurry and leave!”

“I’m going too! This sinister and deceitful cad, Bai Liu Jing, he actually misled us intentionally! If Prince Yu Wang were to blame us for this, I will definitely have no end with Bai Liu Jing!”

“Exactly, that’s right!”

As the crowded agreed in unison, the gazes towards Bai Liu Jing held contempt and hatred, their face steely green as they turned and left.

Before they left, many visitors had not forgotten to claim back their gifts which they had brought when they had registered at the entrance of the door.

“We cannot let that old fool surnamed Bai have any advantages!”

“That’s right, he cheated us to send him the gifts. He’s simply too shameless!”

When Bai Liu Jing heard the discussions among the crowd, his chest felt surges of pain and his blood boiled, almost spitting out a mouthful of blood!

These people these people were initially coming to please him, each one of them were following him closely as if they were his grandsons. Besides the invaluable gifts, they were also blarneying him with compliments to win his favour.

Bai Liu Jing was thinking in his mind that it was better left unsaid.

He had never expected that once Huang Yueli appeared, everyone’s attitudes had taken a 180 degree change, spurning him incessantly!

Although he was feeling indignant in his heart, he could not reveal his emotions on his face.

Because the young lady standing at the entrance of Valiant Martial Manor was indeed his niece!

Now, Huang Yueli was totally different when she was young. She had already broken out of her cocoon and transformed into a butterfly. She had flown to the skies and became someone whom he was not able to offend!

Even if Prince Yu Wang had not turned up with her, in reality, who doesn’t know the backing behind her is Prince Yu Wang?

Besides that, at one glance, the bodyguard behind her had exceptional power!

Just based on that bodyguard alone, it was enough to kill off everyone in the Valiant Martial Manor!

Bai Liu Jing was feeling both angry and anxious, but he could only swallow this grievance down as he forcefully drew out a smile and with a respectful attitude, he greeted Huang Yueli.

“My dear niece, you’re finally back! Look at your travel-worn look, you must have suffered greatly while you were travelling outside the kingdom? Quickly come in, let Second Uncle hold a welcoming dinner to welcome you back?”

Bai Liu Jing felt that he had already brought out his utmost patience.

However, Huang Yueli didn’t answer his questions but silently casted an icy glance at him.

That glance contained utter disdain and contempt and anyone was able to tell that glance was as if it was directly towards a lowly servant!


Bai Liu Jing held another air of indignance his in chest, almost cursing out loud!

At that critical timing, when he thought of the shocking methods and outstanding innate talent this lass had shown, and the man backing her up Bai Liu Jing managed to curb himself in time!

As he clenched his teeth, his face expressed a smile which looked worse when he was crying.

“Li’er, don’t stand on ceremony with Second Uncle. Quickly come in! This way please!”